Top Ways to Throw a Great Birthday Party These Days

Birthdays come around every year and can bring with them a range of emotions. Sometimes excitement, or perhaps quite the opposite. For some people, birthdays create a source of anxiety around how to celebrate. However, whether you are big or small, a birthday party is always a good idea. This affair gives you and those that love you a chance to celebrate your life and what you bring to the world. If you can’t stand all the attention, see it as an opportunity for others to celebrate in your honor. In 2021, we live in strange times, and large gatherings are neither encouraged nor a good idea, with the global pandemic.

Thus, we look for unique and creative ways to celebrate our coming of age in a way that is both special and significant but minimizes risk and stress. Keep reading if you are planning your own or someone special’s big day.

Virtual Party With Games

Applications like Zoom and House Party have made it possible for us to connect with our loved ones, near and far, virtually. For your upcoming birthday party, you could arrange a virtual celebration. In your invitation, give your guests instructions such as what to wear, what sort of drinks and snacks to prepare and the details about how and when to join the party. Imagine an island-themed party where you sit in your garden in your swimming costume, with your video call device, pina cola in hand, munching on fruit kebabs and popcorn.

To give your virtual gathering some structure, you can play games such as 30 Seconds or a Pop Quiz. If you would like to have a main event or entertainer, you could even arrange a Zoom performance like a Zoom magician. And you can learn more about it on, as just because a party has to happen virtually, does not mean it needs to be boring. This type of party is suitable for both adults and children, obviously adjusting the games and entertainment to be age-appropriate and suitable.

Outdoor Picnic

A socially-distanced, outdoor event is another nice way to acknowledge your big day. This type of gathering would likely be with your nearest and dearest in a beautiful setting such as a beach, a public garden, or a park. You can practice safety measures by distancing your picnic blankets, providing separate picnic bags of goodies, and enjoying the benefit of outdoor air and beauty. If picnics aren’t your thing, it could rather be an outdoor barbeque, hike, or cafe of sorts. This type of party is also appropriate for kids and adults alike.

Rooftop Bus Trip

Have you ever considered getting to know your city area through a rooftop bus tour experience? You could invite a small group of friends and family to join you on a rooftop bus experience. You could hire the bus out privately and visit your favorite spots and viewpoints. They might allow you to play music and enjoy snacks. Or, if you are a small group, join the usual tour and learn more about the history and interesting facts of your hometown. This type of party is probably better suited to a group of adults.

Group Outing

This kind of outdoor birthday party experience is for anyone, but probably particularly enjoyed by children. Plan a trip to the zoo, animal petting farm, or water slides. This type of activity is perfect for a group of kids, and it is outdoor and bound to be stimulating and enjoyable. There are even special, kid-friendly venues that offer messy play birthday parties set up on an open lawn. Picture slime, foam, shaving cream, water, and mess.

Another option is to hire an event company to come and set up this sort of play zone in your backyard. Jumping castles are always a hit too, but are possibly difficult to maintain social distancing for use with children.

There are plenty of outdoor options that can cater to different ages, party sizes, and interests. From virtual to intimate, to messy. Your birthday is the 1 day out of 365 where it gets to be about you. Why not celebrate accordingly with the people you love? In today’s times, it is easy to want to avoid making plans and acknowledging the usual milestones.

However, this can harm one’s social and mental health. This is especially important for children, to whom birthdays are the most exciting day. Their social lives have also been massively impacted by the virus, and so it is quite important to try to make an effort to acknowledge birthdays through a creative celebration of sorts.