Wellness at Work: What to Look Out For

Seeing as your average person spends so much time in the workplace, it’s important that you’re maintaining good health while you’re there. However, not everyone knows how to do that, so it should be a priority to learn the basics of wellness. Although your employer will create a level of wellness for you through the provision of wellness plans, there are things you have to do to ensure good health and happiness too. Remember that there are five areas of wellbeing, which include community, financial, social, purpose, and physical. In the below article, what you’ll find are things to look out for when it comes to wellness at work.


The first aspect of wellness at work to think about is the physical aspect of it. Employers want you to be physically healthy and have enough energy to get things done on a daily basis. When you’re physically healthy, you’re likely to be more productive and get quality work done. Also, healthy employees are less likely to take several sick days off in a year off.

Your workplace could help improve your wellness in that regard by helping you eat well and move around more. Some companies do so by providing fruit in the morning or encouraging regular work breaks. Discounted gym membership is another common perk.


Having a sense of community that gives you a feeling of safety and pride is essential for the workplace. This is another thing employers try to create at work as it could have a positive impact on your wellness. This can be reflected through the workplace culture, which are the values as well as behaviours that contribute to the social and psychological aspects of a company. Being a part of a company that shares similar values and beliefs as you do can make you feel more connected.

Health and Safety

Ensuring that the workplace is a safe place for employers is essential. This means reducing all of the hazards that may cause an accident and educating employees on health and safety hazards. You should know that employers have a duty to keep the work environment safe for you. In the case that you endure a workplace injury and it’s their fault, you could be entitled to compensation.


Everyone wants to feel supported in the workplace, and like people are in their corner. Ensuring that employees are feeling heard and like their opinions matter is important. It can be done by having one-to-one meetings on a regular basis to find out how they’re feeling and the areas that they’re lacking in. By making them feel as though they have a support system, it can reduce their levels of stress and anxiety.


Some companies take their employees finances seriously. They recognise that if employees are able to effectively manage their economic life, it can both help reduce stress and result in a greater sense of security. Some ways they could offer help include through pensions, offering employee discount schemes, and helping them manage work-related expenses.


Having a sense of purpose is something that tends to be more important to employees than you’d imagine. Employers can give their staff a sense of purpose by ensuring they enjoy their work and stay motivated. It also helps when employers learn to find out what their passions and career goals are. When they feel as though their employers care about their career progression, it can help improve their enthusiasm for work and wellness.