What are the Benefits of a Family Holiday?

The traditional, or perhaps not so traditional, family holiday is something that will provide everyone involved with a number of excellent benefits. Whether you’re living in Birmingham and decide to holiday elsewhere, or you’re nearby (or even further afield) and you want to have a staycation in Birmingham, the ‘city of a thousand trades’ (and in this current climate that’s not a bad idea at all), the good points of a family holiday are going to be the same. You could travel many thousands of miles, or you could stay close to home, and you’ll still get the benefits of taking your loved ones away with you. Here are some of the benefits to consider.

Get Away From Stress

As much as we might not like to think about it, life can get very stressful at times, and even when we have a good routine in life, there will still be some stress involved. Work isn’t easy, taking care of children is tricky, looking after a household and trying to do everything you enjoy with very little free time is hard. All of this added up, as well as the various other little stresses in life such as traffic, parking, the weather, the school run, playdates, and so much more, can soon make everyone feel uncomfortable. It might be that you, and perhaps other family members, start to become frustrated and take that frustration out on those you love by snapping and shouting.

A holiday will reduce this stress and help you to re-set your mind and your body. You can start to relax more, forget about the things that are worrying you, and generally enjoy being around your loved ones. By the time you return home, you’ll have a clearer idea of any action you need to take to make your life better too.

Disconnect from Technology

Technology comes in many forms, but no matter which types of tech you use, you’ll realise that it is starting to take over your life to some extent. Of course, we need and rely on certain elements of technology to make our lives easier, but it can start to get out of control, and if you find you can’t go more than a few minutes without checking your Facebook feed or adding an image to Instagram, you might have a problem.

Not only can technology like social media become addictive, but it can also be bad for your mental health; there is a lot of negativity on social media, and even if it isn’t directed at you, it can cause distress.

When you are on holiday with your family, you won’t have time to use this technology quite so much – you’ll be enjoying your time with your kids and your partner, and you’ll stop relying on social media quite so much. Instead of focusing on your phone, you can play with your children or relax and read a book – just make sure you pack your prescription sunglasses from Just-glasses.co.uk so you can read properly.


Making memories with your family is so important. When you remember your own childhood, is there anything that you think of more than anything else? It may well be the family holidays you shared. Standard days spent at home usually won’t register as being ‘special’ and will probably fade in the memory. Holidays, however, are something different and that will stay in the brain for much, much longer.