What are the top hospitality workwear trends of 2021?

With most of the hospitality industry in complete lockdown and unable to trade through most of 2020, it’s fair to say the year was a write-off in terms of uniform trends. Throughout 2021, the story has so far remained the same. However, with some hospitality areas set to reopen their doors in April, companies are updating their clothes in preparation.

So what are the top hospitality uniform trends to look out for in 2021?


When hospitality businesses reopen, every pub and restaurant will do everything possible to try and win their customers back. Every establishment will try to cut above the noise of its competitors, so one way businesses will give themselves an edge is through personalising staff uniforms.

By adding company colours, a logo or staff names to clothing, companies can utilise their clothing space as another place to promote their brand. Having customers see a brand above the door, on menus and on staff uniforms helps them better remember it and ties their positive experience to a given establishment.

Contemporary Cuts

While workwear may not be anyone’s first port of call when looking for the latest trends, that doesn’t mean fashion doesn’t have a bearing on uniform designs. One of the biggest trends in 2021 is the mandarin collar, which can be found on everything from waiting staff tunics and steward jackets to housekeeping tunics and front of house blouses.

The mandarin collar style is such a good investment for uniforms because it never truly goes out of fashion. With its clean-cut lines and contemporary lack of fuss, mandarin collars look good in any setting, from formalwear to bar staff uniforms.

Statement pieces

Statement pieces on uniforms are set to make a return for 2021 for similar reasons as personalisation. As establishments are keen for people to notice them, many want to add a sense of fun and pizzazz to their uniforms.

Elements such as striped waistcoats and faux gold buttons are in more formal settings. Similarly, bright coloured shirts and checked patterns are making a comeback for those working front-of-house.


Climate change has been a hot talking point of the past few years, and many companies are quickly taking heed of their customers’ concerns. Businesses across the hospitality sector are switching to more sustainable clothing to keep up with the mood of the nation.

TENCEL® fabric seems to be the one to look out for in 2021, as everything from shirts to trousers and jackets is being made from it. TENCEL® is a new kind of sustainably sourced material made in part from eucalyptus. It has less impact on the environment to produce and is completely biodegradable because it’s 100% made from natural fibres.

Staff uniforms are an often forgotten way to send a bold and targeted brand message to customers. By keeping workwear up to date every year, a company can let its customers know the products and services are up-to-date, fresh and innovative.

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