What Home Buyers Are Looking for in Birmingham

When you sell your house in Birmingham, you should expect to make renovations to impress potential buyers. If your house has the right features, this could help it to sell faster and add value to your property. However, it can be difficult to know what features people are looking for when viewing your house. To find out the latest trends in real estate near you, read on for some of the top features that buyers want in a new house.

A Spacious Garden

Although you might believe that potential buyers will be focusing on the interior of your property, many families are looking for large gardens. Homes with spacious gardens often sell for 20% more than those without. This means that caring for your garden is vital if you want to sell your home quickly, and you can improve the appearance of your garden for visitors by clearly defining its boundaries, clearing rubbish and equipment away, maintaining your flower beds and lawn, and fixing any loose or worn fencing. Another garden feature that many homeowners covet is a patio due to their easy maintenance and smart appearance.

A Gas Fireplace

Potential homeowners are now looking towards gas fireplaces as a desirable feature of their new home, with fireplaces adding 5% on to your house’s value. One of the main reasons why homeowners are looking for fireplaces is because they can help to save on heating and electricity bills. Not only this, but their aesthetic appearance can create softer lighting and a stunning focal point for any living room. To find a modern fireplace to suit your home, Kalfire fireplaces from companies such as Marble Hill can help to give your home the glow that it needs to attract any buyer.

New Windows

No homeowner wants to replace their windows within the first six months of buying a new home. To ensure that your home appeals to viewers in Birmingham, you should replace any single glazed windows that have seen better days with double or triple glazed alternatives. You should also swap your current frames for vinyl or fibreglass alternatives, which have more longevity than wooden alternatives. This will help to boost the exterior appearance of your house, reassure buyers that your home is secure, and also make your house more energy-efficient.

Security Features

With over 22,000 burglaries in the Birmingham area in 2018-19, many potential buyers will check the security features that you have installed within your home before closing a deal. To ensure that your home is protected against burglaries and trespassing, you should invest in security alarms and video cameras that can alert you to disturbances. Not only this, but there are many smart security features that you can buy for your home, including smart door locks which ensure that only approved individuals can access your home.

Storage Space

If you are looking to sell to buyers who may be downsising, or who have large families, storage space is often desired. If your home is lacking in potential storage space, you could consider expanding the storage facilities on offer by building a garage. Not only will this allow potential buyers to store excess possessions, but it will also give them a safe location to keep their vehicles off the road.