What makes Nektan’s online slot games stand out?

When it comes to enjoying life, it helps to have some fun things to do in your spare time. Playing online slot games certainly fits the bill here and is something lots of people across Birmingham love to do. When you look at what these online games offer, it is easy to see why. Not only are they potentially lucrative and easy to understand but they also provide a thrilling way to fill in time or relax at home.

Of course, all of this would not be possible without the people who actually create the online slots we love. Nektan, recently acquired by Markor Technology, were founded in 2011 and have built up an awesome reputation within iGaming. This is largely due to the sheer range of quality slots they have produced, as shown at Bestcasinosites.net.

While the Birmingham gaming scene in 2019 may have seen things like esports become more widespread, online slot play is still very popular with many residents. This has meant that fantastic slots such as Plucky Pirates and Egyptian Riches have helped bring Nektan to the attention of many people in the area. But what is it that makes their titles stand out from the crowd?

High RTP figures

Within online slot gaming, the return to player figure (or RTP for short) is very important. It basically sets out how much of the money players put in is returned over a set period of time. RTP is therefore a key metric as it gives a rough idea of how well a slot should pay out. Nektan slots are popular in this regard as they usually have a higher RTP than a lot of other games. Pearl’s Fortune, for example, comes in at 96.34%, which is much higher than most games from different software developers.

Large bonuses and innovative special features

Another aspect of Nektan slots that makes them stand out is the large bonuses their games normally offer. This is great news for any players based in Birmingham and beyond as it means you could win big, if you are lucky. They are especially known for including bonus multipliers – this sees bonus wins being multiplied by a set amount in order to deliver bigger prizes to players. In some cases, this could mean you get 1,000 times your initial stake back!

Special features are also something that make this studio’s games stand out. Nektan love to include free spins in their slots and these are not only fun to play but can also result in big wins. Some Nektan slots will give players as many as 50 free spins to use, without any deposit needed!

Awesome graphics and sound

Nektan have a very impressive range of games across a number of themes. One thing you can be sure of when you play any of them is how good they look and sound. The quality and attention to details this studio has is something else that defines their games. Along with smooth in-game animations and engaging characters, you will find beautifully drawn symbols that really add to the gameplay. The soundtrack in any Nektan slot is normally spot on and takes you right into the heart of the game itself. Whether you want to get cute with Candy Swap or pump up the volume with Fiesta!, you know the sound and graphics will be on point.

Instant play and mobile friendly

Standing out in the crowded iGaming market is no mean feat for software developers. Big names such as NetEnt or Quickspin rule the roost and are constantly churning out top slots. The number of amazing slots to play launched in August 2020 is proof of this. To help compete with the big names, Nektan cleverly ensure their games are built using HTML5 and are thus fully mobile friendly.

This means that players can enjoy the action on a mobile device and have fun wherever they may be. As more people choose to do this, it is a real selling point for their slots. All Nektan slots are also instant play. This means that you do not need to download them before you can play – instead, you can just get into the action right away, wherever you are in Birmingham.

Nektan’s slots are worth checking out

Birmingham remains a vibrant place in which to live and socialise. Fans of delicious Caribbean food could try a meal at Jamaya in Solihull, for example, before heading for a drink at the Dishroom after. Sometimes, though, you may just want to relax at home and chill out. Nektan slot games are perfect for this and will give you a fun way to pass the time. With awesome looks, great sound, superb bonuses and the ability to play right away on mobile if you like, they certainly stand out in the right way.