Why Brits Are Choosing CBD Oil For Their Dogs

Everyone knows that dogs are part of the family. It’s because of that why Brit dog owners are getting more and more into CBD oil for dogs. Seeing as we want the best for them, it’s important to have the best possible tools at your disposal to make their lives easier.

But what is CBD oil and why is it so popular in the UK? Well, to explain that, we will go through a couple of things that hopefully clarify the situation.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What Should You Know About CBD Oil for Dogs?

If you’ve never heard about CBD then buckle up as we’re going for a ride. Cannabidiol (CBD) is legal and the UK. It’s a compound of cannabis or hemp that provides us with many benefits. The bulk of the benefits comes in the form of relief.

And seeing as we don’t have that many methods of relieving our dogs, CBD in the form of oil has become of the most popular ones.

There are a couple of interesting characteristics that make CBD so highly sought-after. For starters, the compound doesn’t get you high as it doesn’t contain any chemicals that affect brain receptors. Secondly, the compound is very safe and lastly, it helps us in many ways.

In the case of our canine companions, CBD oil can help with relief, epilepsy, sleep, nausea, appetite, and much more. Simply said, it is a “jack of all trades” solution to many problems.

Is It Really Safe?

No doubt that the first thing Brit dog owners would’ve enquired about is the safety of the oil. And to give you a short and precise answer, yes. CBD oil is extremely safe as it contains no harmful chemicals or compounds that compromise your dogs’ safety.

CBD has been deemed very safe for all kinds of pets ranging from cats and dogs to all kinds of farm animals. But it’s always best to read the description or label on each CBD oil for dogs product to make sure everything is in order.

How to Find the Best Oil?

The UK market has plenty of companies that produce CBD oil specially made for dogs, cats and other pets. Finding these products in the UK, however, can be a trickier proposition.

For starters, you would have to go through endless comments and Google ratings and read plenty of recommendations to have the full picture. But seeing as CBD oil for dogs is safe, the only thing you would have to worry about are the ingredients and potency.

It’s safe to say that some oils are better than others. And luckily for you, reading the description or labels can give you a pretty good idea to the contents of each product.

You should always look for nearly pure CBD, no THC, and pet-friendly ingredients.

How to Use the Oil?

Yet another important question is aimed at usage methods. Namely, the are dozens of ways to give CBD to your pet. But oil is the best way. The oil will mostly come in the form of a tincture or syringe. The syringe doesn’t come with a needle, but rather to be given straight under the tongue.

With that said, many Britons prefer this method of absorption. But it is far from the most convenient one. A relatively popular method is to put a few drops of the oil straight into the food.

This way, your dog will not even notice you giving it oil. It is the most convenient method and the easily applied one.

Why Britons love giving CBD oil to their dogs is because you can easily measure the dosage. You know exactly how much a drop is and know exactly how many drops to give.

How Much Oil to Give?

Now that we’ve perfectly laid out how to use it, let’s talk about dosage. Dosage is very important for all users, especially when it comes to pets such as cats and dogs due to their size.

CBD oil might be safe for our feline and canine companions, but we have to tread lightly and don’t go overboard.

And this is where many Britons find an issue with CBD. How would you know how much oil to give to your dog? Well, the answer is pretty simple. First off, start with a small dosage of a few drops (1-2) and monitor your pet’s reaction.

You can even take notes for the first few days. If you don’t notice any particular negative behaviour, then you can always give an extra 1-2 drops more.

It should be mentioned that bigger dogs would require a bigger dosage, while smaller dogs a smaller dosage.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

Lastly, this is yet another question Britons will ask whenever inquiring about CBD. And for good reasons as understanding what the possible side effects are of using CBD oil will paint a better picture.

Fortunately, the side effects aren’t dangerous at all and rarely appear if at all.

However, let’s mention them:

  • Dry Mouth

This is the most common side effect of giving CBD oil to your dogs. It is nothing dangerous and will only cause your dog to drink more water.

  • Low Blood Pressure

Unless you happened to be following the dosage rules, then you shouldn’t worry about this one. However, there have been instances where dogs under heavy dosages have experienced lowered blood pressure.

  • Drowsiness

And the last side effect is drowsiness. Since a lot of Britons give CBD oil to their dogs for the purpose of calming anxiety, a possible side effect from a bigger dosage is drowsiness.

Closing Thoughts

Carrying for dogs is the reason why Britons give CBD oil to their canine companions. Seeing that CBD can help with anything from relief to anxiety, our dogs can benefit from the compound in the form of oil.

While there are many popular methods of giving CBD to our dogs, oil remains the best and most convenient one.

Lastly, familiarising with the possible side effects is the last chapter of the book that is CBD for dogs.