10 Best Vape Juice Flavors For Beginners

If you are one of those who switched to vaping as a way of quitting the smoking habit, it’s only right for you to know what to expect when it comes to vaping. The electronic cigarette global market is lucrative, and Europe is its largest market, France to be exact. The popularity of e-cigarettes has grown massively because of their variety of flavors. Since a lot of people have joined the bandwagon, vape manufacturers also try to diversify the market to take advantage of its popularity. The most popular flavors that emerged are fruit, botanical, and tobacco flavors.

For a first-timer, it can be confusing to choose among the vape juice flavors. Choosing the wrong flavor may lead to failure in your smoking cessation plan. Generally speaking, beginners may benefit more from sweet and more common flavors. However, you may also try several interesting flavors even as a new vaper. Here are some popular options for e-juice flavors:

Menthol Tobacco

This is one of the most popular and not to mention classic vape juice flavors that are available in multiple varieties. This kind of flavor is known for its cool blast of menthol flavor you get in every exhale. This also leaves you with that icy-cold sensation when you draw the vapor. Menthol tobacco e-juices are a great option for smokers who prefer menthol cigarettes, as a method to quit smoking.


If you like to feel refreshed, you are likely to enjoy a watermelon-flavored ejuice. This flavor is known to be one of the best ejuice flavors for vape beginners. It gives you this iconic summer fruit’s juicy sensation from its vapor. This also blends well with other flavors such as strawberry.

Sweet Cream

If you like dairy flavors or are a sucker for milkshakes, sweet cream e-juice flavor will be a good match for you. It can give that perfectly creamy sensation. All you have to do is to mix it with some fruity flavors or perhaps some beverage flavors, and you’ll end up with some sumptuous dessert or healthy drink e-juice flavors.


This is one of the most popular e-juice flavors that are great for beginners. It is a popular choice because of its sweet fruity flavor and its aroma that can bring out the best sensations. Any strawberry-flavored e-juice often stands out due to its distinctive taste and ability to blend with other flavors. You can have a strawberry-infused e-juice flavor of your preference.

Choco Peppermint

If you love choco-peppermint candies, this vape juice flavor is for you. This presents you with a unique combination of the creamy sweetness of chocolate and the breath of freshness from peppermint. This will leave you drowning in the creamy sweetness of chocolate when inhaling and feeling rejuvenated from the splash of freshness in every exhale.

Berry Cereal

The breakfast meal category of e-liquid flavors is itself highly popular, but among the other flavor options under this category, berry cereal is on top of the list. Most vapers would say that the berry cereal flavor is one of the most versatile breakfast meal flavors. It can be easily mixed with other cereal flavors to produce unique cereal combinations. If you love cereals, this flavor is a must-have for you.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Some vapers love dessert flavors. Who doesn’t? Among the many dessert ejuice flavors available for beginners, lemon meringue pie is always on the top list. Thanks to its undeniable sweetness and lemony taste. You may also add this to any creamy flavor for that divine creamy feel with a dash of lemon, making it not so over the top.


The peach flavor ejuice is not in any way complex. It’s great any way you prefer to have it. It can create great ejuice flavor combinations with aromatic and floral flavors.

Banana Cream

Another popular dessert flavored option for beginners in vaping is banana cream. This delectable flavor can be mixed easily with other creams as well as vapor flavors. However, this can also be great on its own.

Mixed Fruits

For those who prefer tropical fruits to vape, the mixed fruit ejuice flavor is a must-have. It’s not too overpowering since it is simple and sweet. It may serve as a base flavor for many beverage-type flavor recipes, but it can also draw in many vapers even as a standalone ejuice flavor.