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MeetspaceVR gift cards helping children that qualify for free school meals chance to join online coding club

MeetspaceVR are currently running an offer up to the end of the this year: Campaign: Be A Hero – Reward A Hero – Create A Hero Something… Read more »

The Battle of the Giants: iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S20

The tech world is ever changing and evolving but there are some rivalries that just don’t give up.  One of these rivalries is the age-old tale of… Read more »

Are blockchain developers in demand?

According to LinkedIn’s most in-demand skills of 2020, the demand for blockchain technology has increased manifold in countries like the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. Another mainstream… Read more »

Vodafone Launches Find Unlimited Augmented Reality Game With Thousands Of Tech Prizes Up For Grabs

Play ‘Find Unlimited’ – Vodafone’s augmented reality game returns giving you the chance to win thousands of tech prizes, including one of twenty-five new Samsung Galaxy S20… Read more »

Lenovo Legion Launch Event Review, Purity Bar and Kitchen

Lenovo Legion Launch Event Review, Purity Bar and Kitchen

On a dry but chilly evening at the outset of March, my son (Alex) and I were very lucky enough to be able to head inside the… Read more »