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10 Workout Essentials That Will Get You Fit in No Time!

This year is the year where we all tend to think about our health and fitness, especially after two to three years of staying at home under… Read more »

Dance with one of Little Mix’s backing dancers at an SOS Dance A-List Pop Up in March

Dance with one of Little Mix’s backing dancers at an SOS Dance A-List Pop Up in March

The world’s most empowering dance classes, SOS Dance, has launched a series of A-List Pop Up events for all dance levels, including absolute beginners A-List pop ups… Read more »

CROs And The Importance Of Ethical Standards In Clinical Research

Clinical research organizations (CROs) play an increasingly important role in medicine development and clinical trials. CROs offer services to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other healthcare… Read more »

Neurodiverse theatre company take Moseley Bog into homes

What would it be like to immerse yourself in a forest surrounded by a kaleidoscopic array of sights, smells and tastes all from the comfort of your… Read more »

Love Life Coaching – Clinic Relaunch in Sutton Coldfield

This mum-of-two has turned her pain into power by becoming a Grief and Trauma Recovery Coach after the sudden loss of both parents and a “devastating” divorce…. Read more »

Walk For Wellbeing 2022 in support of Hospitality Action, raises over £80k

This year’s Walk For Wellbeing in support of Hospitality Action, which took place across the UK between 8th – 16th October has raised over £80,000 and there… Read more »

Top 5 Health Benefits of the Low Surfur Diet

Surfing is a powered-up physical activity that consumes a significant amount of energy. Following a surfing routine for continuous hours needs a balanced and nutrition-rich diet to… Read more »

Walk For Wellbeing in aid of Hospitality Action 8th – 16th October

This year’s Walk For Wellbeing in aid of Hospitality Action will take place between 8th – 16th October, taking in World Mental Health Day on 10th October…. Read more »

Selfridges Birmingham Launches Beauty Concierge

Selfridges Birmingham Launches Beauty Concierge

Situated within Selfridges Birmingham Beauty Hall, Beauty Concierge will provide customers with impartial beauty advice from leading industry experts across cosmetics, skincare and haircare, offering an extensive… Read more »

The Impact Of IV Vitamin Therapy On Beauty And Wellness

If you relate IV drips to hospital stays, you may be surprised to know that they are having an impact in the beauty and wellness arena. IV… Read more »

Simple ways to Improve your sleep

The link between sleep and wellbeing has been well researched with health professionals advising most of us aim for at least eight hours a night. Struggle to… Read more »

Walk For Wellbeing – Supporting The Hospitality Sector

Walk for Wellbeing (previously known as Walk for Calm) is officially launching on 29th June and is inviting the people of the hospitality industry to join its… Read more »

Birmingham based company launches an app that will revolutionise wellbeing

Makemefitclub is a Birmingham based company sitting at the intersection of wellbeing and technology. Our app does not replace wellbeing professionals, it features them while taking away… Read more »

Healthy Weight Loss Tips That Will Transform Your Lifestyle For The Better

When it comes to losing weight, there are plenty of fad diets out there – which won’t give you the lifelong results that you hoped for. If… Read more »

Win a month’s worth of dance classes with School of SOS Birmingham

Win a month’s worth of dance classes with School of SOS Birmingham

If you’ve ever dreamed of strutting your stuff like Beyoncé, now’s your chance for free, as dance and fitness experience, School of SOS Birmingham, is giving away a… Read more »

Do You Have These Common Skin Conditions?

Acne The most common skin disorder is acne, also known as acne vulgaris. Anxiety can be a huge source of social anxiety for teenagers, though there is… Read more »

Liver screening roadshow comes to Birmingham

Adults in Birmingham are being encouraged to get a free health check with the arrival of a mobile liver screening roadshow. Adults in Birmingham re being encouraged… Read more »

How Does Going Vegan Affect Your Mental Health?

According to Hopkins Medicine, one in four adults suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition. The most common are generalized anxiety disorder and depression, followed by many… Read more »

Edgbaston Beauty And Medical Clinic Invest 6.5k To Offer New Pioneering Treatment

Located in Birmingham’s medical suburb of Edgbaston, Active Clinic havebeen busy the past seven months investing, training and diversifying inorder keep revenues climbing and with a goal… Read more »

What You Can Do to Lead a More Environmentally-Conscious Lifestyle

The question of the modern-day is ‘what can you do about climate change’. It might not be reasonable that this responsibility seems to have been pushed to… Read more »

Beeswax Candles vs. Normal Candles

One of the most under-appreciated senses that everyone has is the sense of smell. A comforting scent, a pleasant, simple whiff, and a relaxing perfume can put… Read more »

Prone To Overindulgence When Stressed? Here’s Why It Happens & Alteratives That’ll Help Prevent Weight Gain

Men and women alike often give into stress. You must have thought of drowning your sorrows with a bucket of ice cream or some leftover cake in… Read more »

UK’s First Digital Pharmacy Launches in Birmingham

Phlo Digital Pharmacy launched in Birmingham last month, offering same day delivery of prescriptions to people living and working in and around the city. Purchasing products and… Read more »

4 Evening Rituals That’ll Give Your Skin a Morning Glow

Every person wants to wake up with glowing, healthier, and smoother skin. Let’s be honest and accept that we all dream of having flawless skin like those… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Health Care Policies in India

With the whole world fighting against the pandemic, now would be an appropriate time to look for health care policies in India. You can browse through many… Read more »

How to prepare yourself for surgery 

For those who’ve never been there before, the prospect of going into an operating theatre, going under general anaesthetic and having a potentially life changing surgery carried out on them naturally comes with a… Read more »

How to Look More Youthful Without Having Surgery

Even though there is no way to turn back the hands of time, you don’t have to resign yourself to losing your youthful appearance and glow. There… Read more »

5 Tips for Improving Mental Health This Summer

Maintaining positive mental health is important for your mind. The summer season is quickly approaching and, even though the Sun is out, mental health issues can still… Read more »

Tips to improve your oral hygiene routine

A great oral hygiene routine is much more than just regular tooth brushing. Gum and tongue care is just as important as tooth care, but it is… Read more »

How to Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy At Home: 10 Helpful Tips

If you are struggling with trying to stay healthy, you came to the right place. If you feel that you or a loved one, either due to… Read more »

Dual Diagnosis: What Is It and How To Treat It

Dual diagnosis means that person has a mental illness and an addiction – of any kind – at the same time. Although co-occurring mental health conditions frequently… Read more »

Olive Oil For Acne Scarring Is It Effective?

Acne itself is already a burden, what more the scars that it leaves behind. Since most of us experience these unwanted scars on our face, there’s no… Read more »

Elevating Your Coffee Experience Through Keurig Models

Being healthy can be one of the most challenging aspects of your life especially if you love eating sweets, addicted to liquor, and instant meals. If you… Read more »

Important Tips for Staying Positive While Working From Home

Working from home is starting to get more common now, and it’s only going to become more ubiquitous moving forward. Many started working from home due to… Read more »

Socializing Is Vital For Our Mental Health: How to connect in this stage of the pandemic

Social relationships are an essential part of our emotional and physical well-being. With the pandemic having lasted for over a year at this point, for many of… Read more »

Supplements During Pregnancy: What’s Safe To Take?

If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, you’ve probably heard a lot about paying extra attention to nutrients. All of this information can feel pretty overwhelming, especially… Read more »

The Benefits Of Telling Family About Your Infertility

Being faced with fertility issues and infertility can be an upsetting and daunting ordeal. You may feel that it is something deeply private that you do not… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Protecting Your Skin is Important

Men and women have heard it time and again: “Protect your skin!” Some people have followed this advice religiously, while others have steered away from their skincare… Read more »

Yoga Mat Cleaning How To Find Essential Oils Products

If you want to find the best way to clean your yoga mat, you might want to consider adding essential oils to the mix. Yes, you have… Read more »

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Wrinkles

As our skin gradually ages, the occurrence of wrinkles starts to feel imminent. If you’ve been looking at your skin under a microscope lately, worrying about developing… Read more »

Rose Color Meanings You Should Know Before Buying A Rose Bouquet

Rose Color Meanings You Should Know Before Buying A Rose Bouquet

An important date on the calendar is coming up, and you’re probably looking for a particular detail to top off your gift for your significant other. A… Read more »

How long to cook a turkey on a pellet grill?

If you want to cook your turkey, then the best approach is to smoke it, and hence the smoked turkey is the best type of turkey to… Read more »

Top Ways to Throw a Great Birthday Party These Days

Top Ways to Throw a Great Birthday Party These Days

Birthdays come around every year and can bring with them a range of emotions. Sometimes excitement, or perhaps quite the opposite. For some people, birthdays create a… Read more »

Sarehole Mill encourages Brummies to start New Year on right foot with Run of the Mill 21

Iconic Birmingham landmark Sarehole Mill is encouraging Brummies to start the New Year on the right foot with a fun and physical challenge, Run of the Mill… Read more »

6 Ways to Cope with Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition that can affect younger people, just as much as the older generations. There are many ways you can manage the aches and… Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Winter can often be harsh on one’s skin, especially if your main skin concerns are dryness, flaking, and redness. Meaning, you should actually pay extra attention to… Read more »

Eat Right: Which Are the Best Foods for Stem Cell Growth

Stem cells are also known as homogenous biological cells, and they’re crucial to the human body. They’re elementary building blocks of the body, and their ability to… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Have Regular Reproductive Health Checkups

A few years ago, people only visited their reproductive health doctors when something was wrong. However, things have changed, and more people understand the benefits of regular… Read more »

Rejuvenate Your Skin With a Quality Sleep Cycle

What does a good night’s sleep portray? Your body feels more energized, your skin feels fresher, and you feel good about yourself. It also helps you develop… Read more »

The Cure frontman Robert Smith donates piece of original art to Heart Research UK auction

Iconic rock frontman Robert Smith has donated a piece of original artwork to Heart Research UK’s anonymous heART project, raising money for vital medical research. The Cure… Read more »