The Benefits Of Telling Family About Your Infertility

Being faced with fertility issues and infertility can be an upsetting and daunting ordeal. You may feel that it is something deeply private that you do not want to discuss with others. For men, in particular, there can be a feeling of insufficiency or embarrassment. However, you really should not see infertility as something to be hidden and disguised. Millions of couples from all walks of life encounter fertility issues and infertility, and having a strong support network around you is important as you navigate through your journey. Here we present you with the benefits of telling family about your infertility.

Helpful advice

Whilst your granny might have a cottage hospital solution or two for you that are probably best left in the history books, you will be surprised to discover the experience and advice that family members have on the issue. You are likely to discover that you are not the first person in the family to face infertility and there will be someone able to give you advice on the best doctor and the best IVF clinic for you to try.

Someone to talk to

If you are tackling your infertility with a partner, then you are always going to have someone to talk to about the issue and how it feels. However, being too reliant on each other can lead to a feeling of isolation. Having someone else to talk to and to share your thoughts and worries with will not only offer a different perspective, but will also take the pressure off your relationship.

Moral support

Going through fertility treatment can be stressful and upsetting. It is always good to have some moral support at appointments and afterwards. Often, when both halves of a couple are involved it can be emotionally draining to have to support yourself and the other person. Having someone who can attend appointments with you or meet with you afterwards in order to offer moral support can be a really good idea. People on the outside of the situation can often offer a fresh perspective and help to add some light to a difficult and heavy situation.

Avoid awkward moments

There is always that moment at a baby shower or children’s birthday party when you are asked about the ‘patter of tiny feet’. Although only ever meant in good humour, these are the comments that can cut deep when you are engaged in battle against infertility. When your family know about your infertility they are able to be more sensitive to your emotions and to understand that whilst you want to share in the joy of such an occasion, you would rather keep clear of such comments.

Raising awareness

Through your own openness and willingness to talk about your issues, you are opening the conversation and the way for other members of your family to address their own fertility issues. They may not be issues that are apparent at the same time as yours, but through your example younger members of your family may feel more empowered to discuss the fertility issues that they face when they decide to become parents. In fact, open discussions about any sensitive and private topics will be easier if family members have your positive example to follow.