The Best of Brum

‘Best of’ articles written by our contributors to help you find your way around Brum.

48 Hours in Birmingham – Two Kids on the Bloc

Living in Worcester, it’s a pretty easy commute to Brum. I’ve lived in The Jewellery Quarter, the worst parts of Wolverhampton & West Bromwich, and was born… Read more »

The Best Art Galleries in Birmingham

As John Lennon once said, “Life doesn’t imitate art…it is art!” and this past two years life has been pretty tough, with a traumatising pandemic, a horrific… Read more »

A Night Out in The Independent Republic of Stirchley!

A Night Out in The Independent Republic of Stirchley!

A recent invite to attend the Birmingham-based spirits brand BeauFort pop-up press night at Kong Bar was a perfect opportunity to catch up on the current bar… Read more »

Best New Bars, Restaurants & Cafes in Birmingham

We have searched high and low to bring you the best new bars, restauarants and cafes in Birmingham from 2022, as well as a few soon to… Read more »

Ten Best Places to Eat Out as a Student in Birmingham

We all know that studying is hungry work, and as Napoleon once said, an army marches on its stomach. That’s why we believe it’s essential that while… Read more »

Best Music Festivals coming to Birmingham this Summer

Best Music Festivals coming to Birmingham this Summer

MADE FESTIVAL – SAT 30TH JULY 2022 The West Midlands’ biggest and best music and arts festival returns on Saturday 30th July for a huge 8th edition… Read more »

The Best Gaming & Activity Bars in Birmingham!

With so many new exciting places to eat and drink in Birmingham, it is sometimes difficult to know where to go for that alternative experience. One option… Read more »

The Punjabi ‘Mixed Grill’/Desi in Birmingham – where to try!

Article by @guidemetogoodfood for Grapevine Birmingham. The Punjabi ‘mixed grill’ has become one of Birmingham’s best loved places to eat for locals and visitors alike. Revitalising often derelict… Read more »

The Ultimate Brummie Gift Guide!

Birmingham: It’s Not Shit: 50 Things That Delight About Brum In this funny, revelatory and occasionally even nostalgic collection, the team behind Paradise Circus explore the places,… Read more »

A Christmas Tale – Birmingham’s first Ska Band, Trojan Records and Walt Disney!

The story of Rudi The Red-Nosed Reindeer began 53 years ago, in Birmingham with the first ska recording to hit in the UK. The band were The… Read more »

Bloc Hotel Review Sept 2021

Bloc Hotel Review Sept 2021

The last 18 months has been a pretty terrible time for travel enthusiasts, with so many lockdowns world-wide, the knock-on effect to hospitality has been unprecedented, and… Read more »

Top independent Birmingham drinks suppliers

Two Towers Brewery Two Towers Brewery was established in 2010 inspired by well known Brum monuments The Two Towers near Edgbaston reservoir “We liked the name Two… Read more »

6 Summer Festivals in Birmingham not to miss in 2021!

6 Summer Festivals in Birmingham not to miss in 2021!

Birmingham festival goers have had a tough 2020, with most festivals cancelled or taken place online virtually due to the pandemic, but 2021, brings hope with large… Read more »

The Best Burgers in Birmingham – And a Short History of The Hamburger

Birmingham’s culinary finesse has traveled a long way since Cliff Richard’s Brumburger Duet with Debbie Watling in 1973 on Take Me High – click here to watch)…. Read more »

Best Places To Go For Food and Drink in The Jewellery Quarter!

The Jewellery Quarter is home to over 700 jewellers and independent retailers, with a thriving food and drink scene the district has an incredible history, from the… Read more »

The Best Street Food Places in Birmingham

Birmingham’s street food has come a long way since Alex’s Pie Stand of the city’s 60s Brumbeat era. Let’s not forget that infamous Indian street food cuisine… Read more »

The Best Indian Restaurants and Balti Houses in Birmingham

Birmingham has its fair share of Indian Restaurants, Desi Pubs and Baltis. In fact, it’s claimed the humble Balti was invented here, or at least made popular… Read more »

The Delights of Digbeth – a Big Brummie Night Out!

The delights of Digbeth have been covered in just about every national news paper around the globe – however, it’s hard to keep up with all the… Read more »

The Best Beer Gardens in Birmingham

British summers can be unpredictable at the best of times but all the more reason to know the best sun traps and where to dart when the… Read more »

10 of The Best New Restaurants in Birmingham

It’s been a difficult year for the hospitality industry, with many businesses closing their doors so it’s especially exciting to hear of new restaurants opening and doing… Read more »

Digbeth Dining Club Take-Over Digbeth Arena August Bank Holiday 2020 review

Digbeth Dining Club Take-Over Digbeth Arena August Bank Holiday 2020 review

Last August Bank Holiday, myself and three guests made a bee-line for the Digbeth Dining Club take-over of Digbeth Arena. Digbeth Dining Club started out life in… Read more »

How A Couple Of Brummies Gave Birth To The World Wide Web!

Birmingham has been the birthplace of some pretty incredible inventions, from the first cotton spinning mill, to perfection and advancement of the steam engine, to the invention… Read more »

Home Deliveries, Food, Drink, Merchandise, Music Streams & Virtual Quizes – Brum is Bubblin’ Hot!

Come back Brexit all is forgiven (nearly)! With the Coronavirus lock down in full effect, businesses in Brum, the rest of the UK, and most of the… Read more »

The Best Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean & Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Birmingham

Here at Grapevine, we thought we would round up some of the best East and South East Asian cuisine in Birmingham for you, so that you can… Read more »

Stirchley – The New Night Out!

Excluding the city centre, Birmingham has a small yet burgeoning portfolio of cool areas, which are worthy of a night out. Most people will have either heard… Read more »

Birmingham’s Unique Musical History From The Underground To The Mainstream + New Mousse T. remix

The UK is widely regarded as a pivotal tool in the Electronic industries positioning in the global scene. It has long been recognised for breaking new &… Read more »

An Award Winning Year for The Night Owl

An Award Winning Year for The Night Owl

Soul and retro club The Night Owl has celebrated a successful 2019 with multiple awards for their contributions to Birmingham’s ever evolving nightlife scene. These accolades come… Read more »

The Best Fast Food Take Aways in Birmingham City Centre

The Best Fast Food Take Aways in Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham has a large, ethnically and culturally diverse population and that means it is home to some of the best cuisine and take-outs. With so much choice… Read more »

Band Night and Boogie at The Night Owl review

Band Night and Boogie at The Night Owl review

The Night Owl has been drawing in punters from all over the UK since its conception in 2015. Having danced the night away on a few occasions,… Read more »

Sabbra Cadabra and Henry’s Blueshouse review

Sabbra Cadabra and Henry’s Blueshouse review

When you have a hankering for some live music, and someone invites you to attend what is reported as one of the most authentic Black Sabbath tribute… Read more »

Best First Date Spots in Birmingham

First date venues say a lot about your first impression. Therefore, when selecting a site for your first date, choose a place where your personality will shine… Read more »

The Best Places to Stay in Birmingham

The Best Places to Stay in Birmingham

If you’re planning a visit to Birmingham whether its a business trip, a city break or just a night out there are so many cool and innovative… Read more »

25 fascinating facts about Birmingham

The UK’s second biggest city certainly has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike with its huge retail centres, eclectic nightlife and plentiful green spaces. If… Read more »

The Best Hire Venues & Event Spaces in Birmingham

Being the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham has both a large business demographic and bustling nightlife, making it a hot-spot for throwing big occasions, conferences… Read more »

What To See and Do In One Day In Birmingham

As the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham has a lot to offer whether you are visiting for just one day or longer. If you only have one… Read more »

Summer in the Midlands: 6 of the Best Places to Visit

Summer in the Midlands: 6 of the Best Places to Visit

As the second most populous city in the UK, it’s little wonder that Birmingham has plenty to keep both residents and visitors entertained. A former manufacturing powerhouse, it… Read more »

Lights, Camera, Action!: Birmingham’s History as a Filming Location

Hollywood. Bombay. Birmingham? The Midlands is a hub of activity and excitement, so much so that it has attracted the eyes of many large-scale film productions and… Read more »

Hit the Town: 5 Birmingham Spots You Need to Hit Up on Your Next Night Out

Hit the Town: 5 Birmingham Spots You Need to Hit Up on Your Next Night Out

No matter what kind of day or night you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Birmingham, where our more than 42 million visitors per year just… Read more »

Birmingham’s Coolest & Best Bars

Birmingham’s Coolest & Best Bars

Birmingham has a growing selection of cool hang outs and bars. But what makes a bar “cool” and stand out above the rest. It’s subjective of course,… Read more »

A Night of Food & Drink in the Jewellery Quarter by Ollie ‘Yardbird’ Lloyd.

A Night of Food & Drink in the Jewellery Quarter by Ollie ‘Yardbird’ Lloyd.

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter may be known for its gold, silver and stones, yet since the licensed renaissance of the area a few years ago, there are many… Read more »

A movement that can’t be ignored – The Best Vegan Cuisine in Birmingham

Christmas over indulgence true to you? Vegetarian but considering vegan? Embarking on Veganuary for a challenge? As the fastest growing food movement in the world, restaurants are… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons Birmingham Is A Great Place To Live

As Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham is famous for many things – The Bull Ring, Spaghetti Junction, Cadburys chocolate, playing a major part in the Industrial Revolution,… Read more »

New Kids on the Culinary Streets of Brum

Our city is paired in Michelin goodness with Edinburgh to have the most accoladed dining spots outside of the big smoke. Our homegrown talent continues to grow… Read more »

What to do if you absolutely cannot avoid being in Birmingham

Whilst the thought of having to spend time in Birmingham was once a daunting inevitability, the city now boasts a surprising array of enjoyable things to do…. Read more »

Weird Weekend Escapes in Birmingham

Looking for something a little bit different? In need of the weird and the fun? Spice up your weekend and have fun while you’re at it with… Read more »

7 Unique Things Birmingham Has to Offer to Traveling Students

Many students get the chance to travel during their studies. Whether this is part of a study abroad program or a holiday between semesters, students want to… Read more »

Winter Fun in Birmingham

There’s no denying it; the nights are drawing in, there’s an undeniable nip in the air and, dare I say it, Christmas is fast approaching. After such… Read more »

Where to go for the Best Nightlife in Birmingham

Where to go for the Best Nightlife in Birmingham

Whether you’re in town visiting or you are a local looking for somewhere different to hang out this weekend, Birmingham has plenty to offer when it comes… Read more »

Five of the Best Date Destinations in Birmingham

Five of the Best Date Destinations in Birmingham

We might be a little biased but, in our humble opinion, Birmingham is one of the best cities in the world. Chic, cosmopolitan and most definitely up-and-coming, it… Read more »

The Best Brunches in Birmingham

The Best Brunches in Birmingham

We have Brum Brunch Covered. I had always been lead to believe that brunch, that delightful meal that is sandwiched between breakfast and a late lunch was… Read more »