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Home Deliveries, Food, Drink, Merchandise, Music Streams & Virtual Quizes – Brum is Bubblin’ Hot!

Come back Brexit all is forgiven (nearly)! With the Coronavirus lock down in full effect, businesses in Brum, the rest of the UK, and most of the… Read more »

The Best Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean & Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Birmingham

Here at Grapevine, we thought we would round up some of the best East and South East Asian cuisine in Birmingham for you, so that you can… Read more »

The Best Burgers in Birmingham – And a Short History of The Hamburger

Birmingham’s culinary finesse has traveled a long way since Cliff Richard’s Brumburger Duet with Debbie Watling in 1973 on Take Me High – click here to watch)…. Read more »

Stirchley – The New Night Out!

Excluding the city centre, Birmingham has a small yet burgeoning portfolio of cool areas, which are worthy of a night out. Most people will have either heard… Read more »

Birmingham’s Unique Musical History From The Underground To The Mainstream + New Mousse T. remix

The UK is widely regarded as a pivotal tool in the Electronic industries positioning in the global scene. It has long been recognised for breaking new &… Read more »

An Award Winning Year for The Night Owl

An Award Winning Year for The Night Owl

Soul and retro club The Night Owl has celebrated a successful 2019 with multiple awards for their contributions to Birmingham’s ever evolving nightlife scene. These accolades come… Read more »

The Best Fast Food Take Aways in Birmingham City Centre

The Best Fast Food Take Aways in Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham has a large, ethnically and culturally diverse population and that means it is home to some of the best cuisine and take-outs. With so much choice… Read more »

Band Night and Boogie at The Night Owl review

Band Night and Boogie at The Night Owl review

The Night Owl has been drawing in punters from all over the UK since its conception in 2015. Having danced the night away on a few occasions,… Read more »

Sabbra Cadabra and Henry’s Blueshouse review

Sabbra Cadabra and Henry’s Blueshouse review

When you have a hankering for some live music, and someone invites you to attend what is reported as one of the most authentic Black Sabbath tribute… Read more »

Best First Date Spots in Birmingham

First date venues say a lot about your first impression. Therefore, when selecting a site for your first date, choose a place where your personality will shine… Read more »

The Best Indian Restaurants and Balti Houses in Birmingham

Birmingham has its fair share of Indian Restaurants, Desi Pubs and Baltis. In fact, it’s claimed the humble Balti was invented here, or at least made popular… Read more »

The Best Places to Stay in Birmingham

The Best Places to Stay in Birmingham

If you’re planning a visit to Birmingham whether its a business trip, a city break or just a night out there are so many cool and innovative… Read more »

25 fascinating facts about Birmingham

The UK’s second biggest city certainly has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike with its huge retail centres, eclectic nightlife and plentiful green spaces. If… Read more »

The Best Hire Venues & Event Spaces in Birmingham

Being the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham has both a large business demographic and bustling nightlife, making it a hot-spot for throwing big occasions, conferences… Read more »

What To See and Do In One Day In Birmingham

As the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham has a lot to offer whether you are visiting for just one day or longer. If you only have one… Read more »

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