Best First Date Spots in Birmingham

First date venues say a lot about your first impression. Therefore, when selecting a site for your first date, choose a place where your personality will shine and both of you can enjoy yourselves and have an excellent time. Whether you settle for fine dining, coffee, or a casual bar, Birmingham is one of the best places to hold a date in the United Kingdom.

After selecting the perfect venue for your date, here are some tips on how to enjoy your time together;

·         Dress neatly and to impress.

·         Avoid controversial topics such as religion and politics.

·         Maintain discipline and good etiquette.

Depending on your budget, here is a list of venues in Birmingham with an enjoyable atmosphere to make your first date less awkward.

The Stable

Feeling less anxious and more comfortable is one of the surest ways to have a successful first date. The Stable in Birmingham is one place that provides a relaxing atmosphere with over 80 assortments of cider and sourdough-based pizzas to choose from.

Besides, the restaurant has a stylish interior with outdoor seating for you to watch the sunset. A visit to The Stable in the evening is an advantage since you will have the opportunity to enjoy live music, which will surely make your date even more awesome.


If you want to experience a top-class adventure as you get to know your date, Aluna is the choice for you. It has diverse interior and a vast menu with a variety of molecular cocktails to enjoy. Furthermore, you can select your meals from different cuisines ranging from Asian to European-inspired dishes.

One unique thing about this place is that the dishes and cocktails are out of the ordinary. This means that with good vibes, this place easily increases your chances of getting a second date with your partner.

Ikon Gallery

According to Happymatches, it is good to go for something out of the ordinary. Art galleries are always great venues for dates since they give you plenty of time to talk and get to know your partner’s views. Dates in an art gallery minimize the awkwardness experienced during face-to-face dinners. The Ikon is an internationally accredited contemporary art museum housed in a neo-gothic school building.

Artists from different parts of the world gather at this place to showcase their artwork,which includes films, photographs, prints, and sculptures. If your date is an art lover, then this is the perfect place to visit.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanic Gardens area 15-acre field of landscaped greenery that provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere within the busy city center. On a good sunny day, you can roam through the gardens admiring the 7,000 plant species, and on a rainy day, you can have your date in one of the four glasshouses.

The four glasshouses that you can choose from are the tropical, subtropical, Mediterranean, and arid houses.

The Paramount

With burgers, basketball, and Ms. Pac Man, the chances of a first date going sideways are very minimal here. Paramount Bar is located downtown with a variety of burgers on the menu to choose from.

There are plenty of cool places to go on a date in and around Birmingham, to find out read more here.