Weird Weekend Escapes in Birmingham

Looking for something a little bit different? In need of the weird and the fun? Spice up your weekend and have fun while you’re at it with these five special weekend activities in Brum.

Foodie Heaven at The Wilderness

Treat your tummy – and your palette – to a culinary experience like no other. Forget the old casual three-course meal. Forget takeout and dishes and fuss. The tasting menu at The Wilderness restaurant will have you full and smiling, one bite-sized dish at a time.

The Wilderness focuses on presenting an alternative and more accessible fine-dining experience that trades formality for a relaxed atmosphere. Available with and without drinks, this is a unique way to refuel the tank at lunchtime. Every plate is carefully designed, and every accompanying flavour is practised to a tee.

Escape Hunt Birmingham

Get moving and get thinking! Escape rooms are all the rage across the country, and Birmingham is no exception. Step one: Enter a new world. Step two: Get locked inside. Step three: Puzzle your way out! Armed only with your intelligence and the clues provided to you, you and your friends must solve the situation and save the day.

Escape Hunt Birmingham has a variety of scenarios on offer to liven up your weekend, from themed Doctor Who experiences to noir to a pirate treasure hunt. Now that’s weird and wonderful.

Psychic Readings

Prepare yourself for the future, learn about the past, dip your toes in or sit down for a full three-hour séance; Birmingham hosts countless mediums and seers, ready to answer any question the tip of your tongue might have. Engage with the crystal ball, listen to your very own psychic readings, or simply have your palms pawed and read.

Online directories measure and rate practitioners according to their skill and customer satisfaction – so waste no time finding the best fit for you and yours!

Silent Disco Boogie

A silent disco is almost exactly like a regular one, save for one key feature. There’s no music! Not out loud, at least. Guests wear headphones with three available channels, meaning they can pick and choose their preferred style of song. They’re wireless, colour coded, and work just right. Boogie your way across the dance floor to your heart’s content – and if it all gets too much? Just take your headphones off and look around. It’s enough for a laugh, at least!

Sarehole Mill

And now for something completely cultural. Sarehole Mill off the River Cole is an archive run by the city’s Museum Trust. Famous for its ties to Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien and the land of Middle Earth, it’s facilities are open to the public all year round (following recent renovations).

If the machinations and history of water mills weren’t exciting enough for you, come on down for the Tolkien Weekend specifically; an annual celebration of the man and his works, what better place to get your nerd on?

Birmingham is full of unique and memorable activities to parse your weekend with, in the depths of the city and in the suburbs. So pick your favourite, book a ticket, and get excited! There’s so much more to explore.