7 Unique Things Birmingham Has to Offer to Traveling Students

Many students get the chance to travel during their studies. Whether this is part of a study abroad program or a holiday between semesters, students want to see everything they can and experience the best of what each locale has to offer. Here, we will take a look at some of the must-see attractions that are provided to students in Birmingham.

1. Cadbury World

If a student has a sweet tooth, Cadbury World is an experience that they shouldn’t miss while they’re in Birmingham. As any chocolate fan knows, Cadbury is the company responsible for Cadbury eggs, most chocolate bunnies, and even more!

When visiting Cadbury World, students can experience attractions such as a 4D Chocolate Adventure or their interactive experience Purple Planet. Not only are these attractions fun, but they will also give students a chance to learn where their favorite sweets come from.

2. Historic City Center

For students who want to see a little history while they’re traveling, a trip to the Birmingham Historic City Center is a great chance to learn. It includes an architecture that dates back to the Victorian Era. Students who study literature will also be impressed by the Central Library which has one of the world’s largest Shakespeare collections – 50,000 volumes printed in 90 languages.

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3. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Art students will appreciate the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery during their travels. This museum opened in 1885 and is considered one of the best outside of London. Here, students can see sculptures by James Tower and Rodin, a number of Pre-Raphaelite painters, and archaeological finds from as far back as the Stone Age!

4. Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Students who love animals won’t be disappointed by Birmingham either. The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park – previously known as the Birmingham Nature Centre – is the home to many animals such as pandas, lynx, reptiles, otters, meerkats, and more. Some students might even recognize the zoo from news stories about the 4-day escape of Babu the red panda.

5. Thinktank

Thinktank is the science museum that Birmingham has to offer. This isn’t a boring, old museum, though. Instead, it livens up the experience with interactive elements.

Here, students will be able to see aircraft from WWII, a human-sized hamster wheel, and the Science Garden. One of the biggest appeals of the museum is the Thinktank Planetarium where students can learn about the stars and planets that surround us.

6. St. Philip’s Cathedral

Students who are interested in seeing history firsthand or experiencing some of the more religious sites of Birmingham should check out St. Philip’s Cathedral. This cathedral was built in 1715, and it was actually a rather small parish.

As of 1905, it was elevated to a new level but gutted later after a bombing raid. The good news is that the gorgeous stained glass windows had been removed and were reinstalled when the cathedral was rebuilt in 1948.

7. Bullring Shopping Centre

Of course, many students want to spend some of their time shopping to commemorate their travels. For those students, there is Bullring Shopping Centre while they’re in Birmingham. This shopping center doesn’t have the history of some of the sites mentioned above, but it is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring stores and dining at one of the 25 restaurants the shopping center has to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Whether students are spending the semester in the UK or merely passing through, there are things they won’t want to miss along the way. With these attractions, students will be able to experience the best that Birmingham has to offer. A good idea to help you safely explore any new city and campus is to join of the best sororities in the university or college (a sorority is an organization on a college campus whose purpose is to foster friendship and community, among other things). There are plenty of places to stay such as Bloc Hotel, Park Regis, The Hyatt Regency, all within close proximity to the city centre, a good way to book your stay is with a hotel booking app. So get out there and get exploring.