The Best of Brum

‘Best of’ articles written by our contributors to help you find your way around Brum.

Best Places to Book Your Christmas Party in Birmingham!

Christmas is just around the corner, and with so many restaurants and eateries to choose from in Birmingham these days, it can be a headache thinking about… Read more »

The Best DJ Bars and Nightclubs in Birmingham

Birmingham has previously had numerous influential bars that successfully incorporated DJs into their brand, such as The Medicine Bar in Digbeth, Circo and The Yardbird. The right… Read more »

Discovering Birmingham’s Heritage over a Pint!

Discovering Birmingham’s Heritage over a Pint!

There are several historic pubs still standing in Brum, but many have lost any local identity with original features long since replaced. However, some gems do still… Read more »

Birmingham’s Best Cocktail Bars & Their Signature Cocktails

It’s more than fair to say that in the last few years drinking cocktails has become one of our favourite pastimes. As a result of a surge… Read more »

From Brumbeat with Love – Birmingham’s Best New Bands

The music scene in Birmingham is undeniably eclectic and full of brilliant talent and creativity. From award-winning DJs to old school family bands, we have it all…. Read more »

The Five Best Cinemas in Birmingham by Victoria Roberts

Although it may come as a surprise to some, Birmingham has a selection of fantastic cinemas that are easy to get to and hard to leave. Are… Read more »

Top 10 sights in Birmingham by Isabelle Jones

Everyone claims that, as the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is a key spot to visit if you’re travelling around the country. And as a… Read more »

The Best Independent Clothes Shops in Birmingham

Birmingham has many large shopping centres which attract the usual high street clothing brands. Such stores can be found across the UK in most towns and cities,… Read more »

Best cafés and coffee shops in Birmingham

Frosty mornings, numb fingertips and a murderous-caffeine deficiency all call for a steaming haven in a cardboard coffee cup. Now, I’m a student so I relate to… Read more »

The Best Pizza in Birmingham by Megan Matthews

When the moon hitting your eye looks like a big pizza pie, that’s probably your body telling you that you need a slice – or, more realistically,… Read more »

The Best Beer Gardens in Birmingham

British summers can be unpredictable at the best of times but all the more reason to know the best sun traps and where to dart when the… Read more »

The Best Live Music Venues in Birmingham

Birmingham is experiencing unprecedented times with regards to its food scene. Dine Birmingham and their food festivals, whisky and wine tasting at fab locations such as Loki… Read more »

Best Tapas Restaurants in Birmingham

Best Tapas Restaurants in Birmingham

Being a picky eater can be hard sometimes; like, when you go to a restaurant, what do you go for? It’s a big commitment to pick just… Read more »

Best Places to Eat in Grand Central!

Best Places to Eat in Grand Central!

It’s not easy to squeeze in a lunch break, but it’s often necessary for our health and sanity. That’s why Grand Central’s restaurants and cafes have a… Read more »

The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Birmingham

Alternative eating choices seem to be pretty much the in thing nowadays; even Beyonce had a (short) go at cutting out all animal products from her diet…. Read more »

Best Food & Drink Stores in Birmingham

Birmingham has transformed itself into an exciting dining destination over the past few decades. From the city’s invention of the Balti in the 1990’s, to presently more… Read more »