Best Restaurants with vegetarian options in Brum’s China Quarter

Being a foodie with dietary requirements, on some occasions, can; be a bane of one’s social life. However, the China Quarter in Birmingham is a food haven for vegetarians who love to bond over a meal.

While it is known that flavours of China are defined by Kung Pao chicken and Lo Mein, it must also be noted that Thai curries, tofu and stir fry are for health lovers and those who follow a vegetarian diet. Brum, has a dedicated China Quarter that hosts a palatable array of flavours suitable to a vegetarian’s way of life.

The restaurants in this blog, not only personify Chinese food in its true sense but also incorporate vegetarianism which is a worth a try.

China Quarter Vegetarian Options

First up, Café Soya Restaurant, stays sincere to its statement cooked with love as it gives prime importance to meat-free and vegan dishes. Moreover, there are vegan beverages, which makes any beverage lover a patron; notwithstanding their food habits.

If you are one of those that would opt for an appetising entrée with your vanilla shake, spicy satay tofu gives a fair degree of satisfaction and proves a deliciously healthy vegetarian approved starter. The Chinese relish rice and a serving of dry mixed stir fry fried rice is a fulfilling meal with the goodness of aromatic flavours.

If your taste buds are a fan of noodles, then Min Min’s signature, its namesake, MinMin Curry is the apt accompaniment for your Mix vegetables noodles; a highly appetising meal in itself unless you are someone who has a soft spot for a dessert where you can choose anything from a seasonal fruit to a hazelnut ice cream mochi or a mango& sago pudding.

We certainly agree with Chung Ying Cantonese, a part of the award-winning Chung Ying conglomerate in the Midlands on the idea of some extra love for dim sums on discounts during happy hour. Steamed or Fried, Caramel or Chestnut; there’s a wholesome choice of dim sums for those endorsing vegetarianism.

Your search engine may not have enlightened you about Peach Garden, however, its mushroom curry would make you a fan on your very first try, with mushroom curry and you may want to give some spring rolls a go.

While the bustling China Town caters to food lovers following all sorts of diet with a hint of favouritism towards vegetarianism, you may want to know some other vegetarian friendly restaurants at a stone’s throw from China Quarter.

If Chinese food, vegetarian in particular could have the Great Taste Award; Denzhou Style, in Arcadian Centre would be a sure winner. This restaurant is strongly preferred for its variety, vegetarian selections and versatility towards customisations. Give your palate an exposure to a little seaweed (yes, its vegetarian) and mushroom starter for an unforgettable taste that would instantly make you a loyal customer or give your meal a healthy start with Chinese cabbage with garlic, chilli and vinegar.

You would be very lucky to witness the process of the chef hand making noodles as the restaurant is bustling with passionate food lovers; but you would settle for including handmade noodles as your visit would be incomplete if not for giving the iconic Denzhou handmade noodles a try.

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An offbeat yet gratifying Asian meal is synonymous with Topokki, in the vicinity of Chinatown. It is known to have a plethora of vegetarian dishes such as the highly desirable vegetarian dumplings, vegetable stir fry or succulent vegetarian curry. Kimchi noodles seems to be the most appetising dish on the menu. Topokki is best described as a Korean restaurant with lively dishes that not only cater to every dietary requirement but also give the vibe and experience of a delicious meal on a pocket friendly budget. The insider’s tip of paying by cash and receiving a 10% discount has been the handiest aspect of a dining experience at Topokki.

It’s time to give yourself a taste of vegetarian food while you explore the very best of the city.

Article by Pooja Chawla for Grapevine Birmingham