The Best Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean & Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Birmingham

Here at Grapevine, we thought we would round up some of the best East and South East Asian cuisine in Birmingham for you, so that you can enjoy all the amazing food there is on offer at this time of year. Birmingham has so many fantastic spots to grab a bite to eat, and especially an abundance of super tasty Pan-Asian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and other oriental restaurants serving up everything from dim sum to noodles, sushi and aromatic curries. So here are our suggestions:

Asia Asia Food Hall

Located on Pershore Street is the amazing Asia Asia Food Hall. With two floors and nine different vendors to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. On the first floor, grab a drink at the bar and choose from sushi, noodles, teppanyaki and more. Upstairs, there are four more dining choices including the Bangkok Cafe and Malatang. The Asia Asia Food Hall uses its own special payment system which means no hassle with cash or payment at each individual vendor. Simply use an Asia Asia card! The easy solution to the split dining experience.

Address: 10 Pershore Street, Birmingham, B5 4RX

Contact: 0121 666 6777 or


Eat Vietnam

In the mood for some Vietnamese food? Eat Vietnam serve up delicious Vietnamese dishes with an added twist. They have worked with a variety of different Birmingham eateries such as Loaf Bakery, The Plough Harborne, and Faculty Coffee. The menu is switched up every week and they always use fresh ingredients to make sure their food is that little bit tastier! Share multiple different plates or order yourself a nice big bowl of curry or noodles!

Address: 1422 Pershore Road, Stirchley, B30 2PH 

Contact: 0121 433 3377


Wing Wah Birmingham

Wing Wah is one of the most impressive Chinese restaurants you’ll go to, both inside and out. Just minutes from the city centre, this is the perfect place to come and stuff yourself with all the yummy traditional Chinese dishes you love. The chefs are highly skilled and the meals are all superb, the Dim Sum is particularly special. The restaurant is decorated beautifully with elaborate patterns, chandeliers and bold colours. This restaurant delivers on both it’s food and appearance, but there’s a special twist here, Wing Wah also offer differently themed karaoke rooms which stay open until 5am (apart from Wednesday). Ever fancied cooking some of your own favourite Chinese dishes? Co owner, Kin Bong Lamb has written a fantastic Chinese Cook Book which is highly recommended and can be purchased >>here<<.

Address: 8 Wrottesley Street, B5 4RT

Contact: 0121 327 7879



Topokki is one of the most popular Korean restaurants in Birmingham and is so for a reason! There are many flavourful, filling options to choose from and everything is very reasonably priced. The restaurant is modern yet cosy, similar to Wagamamas in style and all the staff are friendly and attentive. This is a must for anyone who wants to venture outside the chain restaurants and try some authentic, mouth-watering cuisine.

Address: Unit 1C Hurst St, Birmingham, B5 4TD

Contact: 0121 666 7200


Vietnamese Street Kitchen

This modern, stylish and colourful family-run restaurant is in the busy and bustling Brindley Place. They offer a selection of Pho bowls, Rice bowls, steamed Bao buns and Banh Mi (baguettes!). You can also try some special Vietnamese coffees. Decor is vibrant and fun with bright pink stools and big wall murals. Vietnamese Street Kitchen is partnered with Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats – so there’s absolutely no excuse for not giving this delicious food a try.

Address: 11 Brindley Place, Birmingham, B1 2LP

Contact: 0121 679 8872


Kimchi Korean Restaurant

This is a great spot for all those Birmingham university students to grab some fantastic food! Situated on Dawlish Road in Selly Oak, this Korean restaurant has some brilliant deals. Monday to Thursday, they have a special lunch offer for 6.99 which includes Bibimbap, Miso soup, Kimchi and a drink. On Wednesdays, you can get yourself some Fried Rice and Dupbap is on offer on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Address: 4 Dawlish Road, B29 7AE

Contact: 0121 293 5845



Tattu is one of the classiest, most beautiful restaurants in Birmingham. They pride themselves on providing delectable Chinese cuisine, cooked with modern methods, and their intricate and tasteful presentation. Elaborate wood panelling, marble tabletops and ceilings decorated with enchanting cherry blossom create a stunning environment for your meal. Tattu are offering 30% off through the whole of January so if you haven’t been before, now is the time to go and taste some of the best Chinese food in the area.

Address: 18 Barwick Street, B3 2NT

Contact: 01212365556



This little restaurant is run by couple Alfie and Linda Choi and their two sons Ollie and Joshie. They serve a variety of Chinese and South-East Asian food with a firm focus on sourcing fresh, organic ingredients. There is an open-kitchen layout so you can see your meal being prepared all the way through to when it is delivered to your table. Wokchi has all your favourite classics so head along to Harborne and get stuck in.

Address: 135 High Street, Harborne, B17 9NP

Contact: 0121 427 2820 or


Dezhou Style Braised Chicken

Dezhou Style Braised Chicken is a small Chinese joint in The Arcadian over in the Chinese Quarter. They are famous, of course, for their braised chicken and they also make wonderful homemade noodles. This is another place with an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs make your food and stretch dough. This traditional Chinese food really hits the mark if you are looking for a tasty, filling meal.

Address: B109, Arcadian Centre, 70 Hurst St, B5 4ST

Contact: 0121 622 3283


Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck is an independent noodle shop which sells a small selection of interesting and appetizing dishes such as Spiced Coconut Broth, Pork Cheek and Duck Leg. Each dish is packed with colour and spices. Once again, there is a great lunchtime deal – a set menu which includes a Butternut squash bun, Miso vegetable soup, Sesame greens and Green sencha tea. This restaurant is a little further out, in St Paul’s Square in the Jewellery Quarter, but well worth the visit!

Address: 21 Caroline Street, St. Paul’s Square, B3 1UE

Contact: 07562 115 117 or



Fancy and elegant, this Brindley Place bar and restaurant serves Thai cuisine in style. Siamais takes its name from ‘Siamese Twins’ and delivers duality by providing customers with two nights out in one. Have a marvellous meal and then spend the rest of the night at the bar! The chefs combine and fuse foods from China, Portugal, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore and each dish is served with a French colonial influence. The bar has the most amazing array of cocktails from traditional favourites to new and exciting concoctions. Want to try something a bit different? Try Thai for Brunch!

Address: 6 Brindley Place, 7 Oozells St, Birmingham, B1 2HS.

Contact: 01216433993 or


Kuula Poké

Trendy and tasty, Poké bowls are all the rage right now. Poké is a Hawaiian dish with a Japanese influence which unites sushi, meat or tofu with rice and a collection of bright, colourful and healthy tropical fruit and vegetables. Add some sprinkles and sauces and you have everything you could ever want in one bowl. Kuula Poké, named one of the 30 must-try restaurants in Birmingham, provides the city of Brum with just this! Head over to their outlet in the Great Western Arcade to eat in, click and collect, or if you’re feeling lazy, order to your door with Uber Eats. 

Address: Great Western Arcade, 16a Colmore Row, Birmingham, B2 5HU

Contact: 01212367000 or


Gaijin Sushi

Another popular trend right now is sushi and if you want to try the best of the best you need to try Gaijin Sushi. Prepared by expert chef Michael Kubiak, this sushi is phenomenal. The restaurant itself is refined and minimalist and the menu has an impressive range of sushi to try. For a real experience, you can sit watching Michael himself make your sushi! This place has had overwhelming reviews so go and treat your tastebuds to something truly special.

Address: 78 Bristol Street, Birmingham, B5 7AH

Contact: 01214484250 or


Otoro Sushi

If you love sushi but prefer to keep things casual, Otoro Sushi is the place for you. Otoro won The Food Awards England in 2019 and Best Seafood Restaurant for the whole of the Midlands in both 2018 and 2019. Fresh and heavenly sushi is served 10 til 5:30 pm every day, except Sunday, in the Bullring Indoor Market on Edgbaston Street!

Address: Bullring Indoor Market, 50 Edgbaston Street, Birmingham, B5 4RQ

Contact: 07860811371



Yakinori is a great small chain which sells Japanese Bento, Sushi and Noodles. There are two in Birmingham, one on Bristol Road in Selly Oak and the other inside Birmingham’s Grand Central Station. The only other Yakinori is in Bristol and offers Sushi Masterclasses if you fancy the trip. Yakinori is like Wagamamas, but faster, less expensive and just as tasty! Their decor is always themed with bright green and orange coloured accents and they have a good vegan menu for all those partaking in Veganuary! You can either sit and have a meal with friends or order your lunch to go at the kiosk. Online ordering is also available with the option to click and collect or have it delivered by Deliveroo. Students, listen up, there’s even a 20% student discount.

Address: Grand Central, Unit 14, Stephenson Place, B2 4BF or 520 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, B29 6BD

Contact: 01216439177 or 01214711666


Miyako Teppanyaki

Miyaki Teppanyaki was the first Japanese restaurant not just in China Town or The Arcadian Centre but the first in the whole of Birmingham and has been popular since it opened in 1992. The restaurant is decorated with the colours of the Japanese flag, screens and leather walls. The chefs are specially trained to provide customers with a gourmet dining experience; they have designed many of their own speciality dishes over the years. This is the perfect spot for a pre-theatre meal with the Birmingham Hippodrome across the road!

Address: Arcadian Centre, Ladywell Walk, Hurst Street, B5 4sT

Contact: 01216225183 or


Kai Restaurant

This restaurant serves a mixture of Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisine so there are no limitations. Kai is great value for money with generous portion sizes and satisfying yummy food.  All the meals are presented beautifully and the decor is sleek, simple and modern. One of their popular dishes is their KFC (Korean Fried Chicken!). The staff at Kai are lovely and helpful, ensuring you have the best time possible, so go and grab yourself some sensational food, sit back and let Kai take care of you.

Address: 1698 Bristol Road South, Birmingham, B45 9TZ

Contact: 0121 453 3338


Blue Ocean Cafe and Restaurant

Blue Ocean is a quaint homely establishment which serves Singaporean and Malaysian Cuisine. This is the perfect place for an intimate occasion or celebration with its cosy atmosphere, friendly staff and Bring Your Own Booze Policy. Yes, that’s right, you can bring whatever drink you would like along with you when you dine at Blue Ocean,  so ideal for a party! Being able to bring your own drinks also really brings down the cost of a meal out – you can get a starter and a main for just £15 – making it more affordable to go out for dinner.

Address: Olton Boulevard East, Birmingham, B27 7RR

Contact: 0121 243 6899


Tiger Bites Pig

This Asian street food restaurant on Stephenson street featured recently in our Best Take Aways in Birmingham City Centre article, but it has some really incredible food that can be eaten in also, so we thought we would give it another shout out! They do some great Bao dumplings, Rice bowls, Sake and of course kimchi! This is a  great place to stop for lunch if you’re on a shopping spree – we definitely recommend you check it out.

Address: 34 Stephenson Street, Birmingham, B2 4BH

Contact: 07902511070 or



This is a bit more of an unusual one but we think it’s brilliant. Ngopi is an Indonesian coffee shop situated in The Square Shopping Centre in Birmingham. It is the first and only Indonesian coffee shop in the UK and its Indonesian name translates as “Let’s have coffee!”. They serve traditional Indonesian beverages such as Es Kopi Susu and Teh Tarik. If you are feeling peckish, they also have a variety of authentic, light, Indonesian meals including Gado-Gado, Bakso, and Risol. Ngopi offers a tasty and cultural experience for one and all.

Address: 56 Dale Road, Birmingham, B4 7LS

Contact: 0121 448 2870 or 


Pho Cafe

Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant located on the upper level of Grand Central. The restaurant was started by a couple called Stephen and Juliette Wall after they travelled to Vietnam and fell in love with the food. Thirteen years later, the restaurant is still family-run and serving up scrumptious, healthy Vietnamese street food. They have a huge menu which includes things other than Pho, such as Broken rice, salads and Bun. They also have fantastic gluten-free and vegan menus!

Address: Grand Central, Stephenson Place, B2 4XJ

Contact: 01213928915


Thai Express

Thai Express, like Pho, is located on the upper level of Grand Central but instead of Vietnamese food, you can grab yourself some Thai. This place has some of the most delicious food and a cool, neon interior with foliage covering the walls. Thai Express features an open kitchen where you can watch your customisable meal being made. The expert wok chefs will put together whatever combination of meat, veg and rice or noodles you would like, and fry it up right before your eyes. An exotic alternative to your boring everyday lunch-time sandwich.

Address:  Grand Central, Unit 36, 50 Stephenson Street, Birmingham, B5 4

Contact: 01214393250


Blow Water Lunar New Year Edition

This fun Hong Kong cuisine pop-up is happening in Moseley on the 10th of February. This event always proves hugely popular so get your tickets quick! They do a three-course set menu for only £20, leaving you full and providing you with an exciting evening out to celebrate the oriental festivities.

Click here to get your tickets:


Digbeth Dining Club

The infamous Digbeth Dining Club has quite a few different options in terms of Pan-Asian Cuisine. Canoodle has a stunning variety of Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian food (see our interview of owner Chris Wiggin >>here<<) and Dim Sum Du offers artisan Dim Sum and Pan Asian Street Food. Buddha Belly also regularly visits Digbeth Dining Club and is a local fave with regular queues for food. This business is run by 2012 Masterchef contestant Sai Deethwa who travels around various markets in the West Midlands serving up authentic Thai dishes that have been passed down through her family for generations. Digbeth Dining Club is running every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays – check on the website for when specific vendors will be there. It’s a hive of oriental goodness and jackin’ DJs!

Address: Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG

Contact: Facebook Messenger or Contact Form on Website


Words by Daisy Andrews for Grapevine Birmingham