Advantage of Adjustable Weight Vest

When performing quality workouts that help us improve physically, the weighted vest is one of the most interesting accessories because it allows you to work more deeply on the strength and aerobic level. A weighted vest can be used for all kinds of exercises: Running, doing push-ups, climbing a rope or performing burpees. Even if you’re just doing simple activities like long walks, wearing the best weighted vests can speed up muscle growth and make you look slimmer.

In we wanted to review the best weighted vest UK that can be found in the market. For this we have analyzed and tested more than 15 different models of 10kg weighted vest. Finally, we have stayed with the adjustable weight vest that we consider most important based on their comfort and features you can see on our webpage

Before we go into a deeper analysis of each of these vests, we would like to clarify a little more the concept of the weighted vest. For this we will make a schematic explanation of the main advantages of wearing a weighted vest and the previous considerations that you must have before training with this type of accessories. So, we don’t make you wait any longer! We hope you find it interesting and that after reading it you have clearer the option that best suits you.

Benefits of Weighted Vest

The main objective of the weighted vest is to improve your fitness with resistance training. Many people carry additional weights on their hands trying to get the same benefits; however, the weighted vest makes it possible in the best way. In addition, the weighted vest will give you extra weight by distributing it evenly over the upper body; giving better benefits in training results.

  1. Improves cardiovascular function: Increases the amount of blood that the heart expels in each beat.
  2. Muscles grow much faster: By putting a resistance against your body like the weighted vest; you put your muscles to the test, getting more volume. It can even help you if your metabolism is stagnant.
  3. Increase endurance and strength: During exercise, carrying extra weight requires you to add oxygen and strength. The more weight you use during exercise, the more muscles you need to adapt to. This will create resistance and strength for your muscles.
  4. It helps to burn fat: When you are wearing a weight vest, increase the intensity by helping to burn fat very quickly. Although running or walking on a treadmill it seems that it can burn calories; With the weighted vest it is much more effective for burning fat.
  5. Increase core strength: Even the most basic movements, such as bowing. They will make you notice how the abdominal part works, even if you are not doing a specific training for this area.
  6. Improves muscular endurance: The weighted vest or vest of commonly known weight; It allows the muscle to witness an external weight gain, forcing greater resistance.

Why Wear a Weighted Vest?

Imagine doing the same cardio exercises you would do in your daily routine with additional weight. if you add 14 pounds to your weight vest, you are basically doing the training; of an individual with 14 pounds heavier than you.

In this way, you increase the intensity of the training and its efficiency; burning more calories in a shorter period of time. Burning calories and losing fat, starting to build lean muscle.

The greater intensity of training with the weighted vest, makes the cardiovascular systems work harder, strengthening them. All these changes that occur result in good overall performance.

Increase Strength and Endurance

The benefits of training with a weighted vest can be seen both in strength training and in aerobic activities. Carrying extra weight while you exercise will mean extra oxygen and strength, while energy stores run out faster. A little more weight means that the muscles must adapt, increasing muscle endurance and strength gain.

It Serves as a Variation Tool

The definition of CrossFit is associated with constantly varied functional movements of high intensity. The human organism adapts to specific movements after a period of time, positively or negatively.

Such adaptation can lead to stagnation in the process. For that reason, CrossFit vests are used to provide the body with variants for which it is not prepared. Weight vests can provide a new perspective to your physical training. Choose the one that suits you best and start testing its advantages for yourself. You can get the best weighted vest for your workouts in one click on