Top 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Winter can often be harsh on one’s skin, especially if your main skin concerns are dryness, flaking, and redness. Meaning, you should actually pay extra attention to your skin during wintertime. That includes proper care, and also protection from sunlight, cold air, and wind. So, if the winter period tends to make your skin act out, here are some useful tips that will help you keep your skin nourished and healthy even in cold temperatures. 

1. Keep your space warm to avoid dryness

If your living space is too cold, that can make your skin dry and irritated. However, if you go overboard with heating, you’re also risking making your skin too dry. Therefore, it’s important to determine the right temperature for your home. In case you prefer to keep your thermostat higher, then make sure to invest in a quality humidifier as it will likely benefit your skin. A humidifier will keep your skin hydrated, so be sure to place it in all rooms that you use the most, especially the bedroom.

2. Be consistent with your routine

If you have your skincare routine, then great, however, during the winter, it’s crucial to be consistent about it. That means cleansing, toning (optional), serums, and moisturizing. Go for organic products if they are available and within your budget as they are safer to use. There are organic facial cleansing oils on the market that work great on any skin type. Look for one that removes skin impurities, makeup, or dirt effectively without ridding your skin of its normal pH.Choosing the right type of products might be tricky, but once you learn about your skin type, it’s definitely easier. Being disciplined matters a lot, so if you happen to feel a bit lazy or low, at least cleanse your face and finish your routine by applying moisturizer to your face. That way, your skin will be clean and nourished, which are the two most important goals of every skincare routine. 

3. Don’t shower for too long 

Long and hot showers are often a life-saver during the cold winter period, but if you want to keep your skin healthy, then it’s essential to limit your shower time and temperature. Steaming hot water can irritate your skin and make it dryer, which isn’t the good news if you’re already dealing with similar skin issues. Therefore, make sure to shower at a lukewarm temperature, and if possible, avoid patting your towel too aggressively after you get out of the shower. 

4. Don’t forget the serums 

Only recently serums have gained a huge tract in the skincare community, and there’s a good reason for that. Their watery consistency makes them a great skincare step before face cream or oil. Still, if you can’t find the perfect serum, then remember to focus on your specific skin concerns. Korean has been a major force in the beauty industry, so if you want to treat yourself to something nice, then finding the best Korean serum for oily skin will surely reduce acne and make pores appear smaller. There are many amazing serums on the market, so take your time to pick the one that suits you. 

5. Use the sunscreen 

Sunscreen is hugely important, even if you’re not sensitive to sunlight. The winter period is when the sun gets out less, and days are shorter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin during the day. So, make sure to wear sunscreen with SPF high enough even during the winter days. Also, it’s recommended to use a hand cream, possibly the one that offers protection from the sun. 


Winter is the time when staying at home and being cozy is appealing even more, however, you should still invest some effort to keep your skin hydrated and soft. So, modifying your routine to suit the season is a great move, together with wearing sunscreen. Finally, remember to avoid steaming water during showers, and be consistent with your routine, because these are sure ways to make your skin look healthy even in the wintertime.