The Impact Of IV Vitamin Therapy On Beauty And Wellness

If you relate IV drips to hospital stays, you may be surprised to know that they are having an impact in the beauty and wellness arena. IV vitamin therapy is effective because the vitamins go straight into your bloodstream rather than through your digestive tract. They can replenish the body with essential vitamins more quickly than when taking supplements. If you want to look healthy and well, it starts with giving your cells the vitamins they need. 

How does a Vitamin IV drip work?

Your appearance is often a reflection of how your body functions and how well every organ works. If you are lacking in certain vitamins or minerals, this can reflect in your outward appearance. When you take vitamins and minerals intravenously through a drip, you can see the results almost immediately. It delivers vitamins in larger amounts and more quickly than other methods. The ingredients are also fully absorbed and delivered to the cells that need them. 

Drips usually contain a range of ingredients you may find in beauty supplements, such as B-complex vitamins and vitamin C. Drip Hydration, Boost IV and Good IV offer Portland vitamin therapy in the comfort of your own home. Their beauty IV treatments include a blend of IV fluids, vitamins and antioxidants to detoxify your body and strengthen your skin, hair, and nails. Certified nurses come to your home and administer the vitamin IV drip. 

What are the benefits of IV vitamin therapy?

Improve physical and emotional wellness: IV drips can improve physical wellness and emotional wellness by giving your body what it needs. Having the ideal balance of vitamins and minerals, your overall sense of well-being improves. When your overall sense of well-being improves, you will feel less anxious and depressed. IV vitamin therapy offers a convenient and efficient way to give your body optimal support to keep you constantly feeling your best. Vitamins build up your system from the inside out, so your skin, nails and hair all look and feel healthier. 

Remove toxins: Free radicals and a buildup of toxins in your body can affect your appearance. Your skin may look dull, you may find your nails chip readily, and your hair feels thinner. IV therapy helps to cleanse your body and remove toxins. Ingredients like glutathione and vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals before they do any harm. 

Boost natural energy: Your body needs B vitamins, and receiving them via an IV infusion can fight fatigue and help boost your energy levels. B vitamins may even help to reduce cravings for unhealthy foods. If you have conditions that affect your digestive tract, they may inhibit the absorption of certain vitamins. IV therapy can deliver those vitamins in a way that circumvents your digestive tract for maximum effect.

Hydrate your skin: When your skin is dehydrated, this accelerates aging and causes fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. IV vitamin therapy will make your skin look hydrated and refreshed. The V fluid feeds moisture back into your skin, so it no longer looks flaky or dry. The bags under your eyes may disappear, your skin tone will look more even, and you won’t notice lines or wrinkles as much. 

Improve the signs of aging: Glutathione is an antioxidant included in many IV drips because it has anti-aging effects. It repairs damaged cells, boosts your immune system, and assists in the breaking down of toxins. It can help your skin recover from sun exposure damage and improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C helps with collagen production and plays a role in skin elasticity which decreases as you age. 

Support the immune system: An antioxidant like vitamin C is often found in IV vitamin drips. Free radicals are naturally occurring molecules that can cause oxidative stress. This contributes to a number of diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants strengthen the immune system and help to protect the body against illness and disease. 


IV vitamin drips can give you the help you need to make you look and feel good. Intravenous delivery increases the presence of vitamins in the body and feeds the cells of the body more efficiently. Some people notice the results almost immediately. IV vitamins can help enhance your appearance and overall sense of well-being but also give you more energy and strengthen your immune system. It is becoming increasingly popular to receive IV vitamin treatments for aesthetics, health and wellness.