Rose Color Meanings You Should Know Before Buying A Rose Bouquet

An important date on the calendar is coming up, and you’re probably looking for a particular detail to top off your gift for your significant other. A classic option is to pair it with a bouquet of roses, but before you step into the nearest flower shop, you should learn more about the appropriate colors for the occasion. Because while going with red roses is always a safe option when going on a date, it’s also an excellent opportunity to convey your feelings for your loved ones without saying a single word. Here, we share with you the rose color meanings you should know before buying a rose bouquet.


Unless your significant other loves the gothic aesthetic and you’re 100% certain that they would love black roses, your best shot would be to steer away from this particular tone, right? While it’s usually associated with mourning and death in our culture, black has a beautiful meaning for new beginnings and embracing recent changes. It also has a strong relation with tragic, deep love. Still, only go with black roses in your bouquet if you’re confident that your partner will receive them well to avoid any misunderstanding. You don’t want the date to go wrong right before it starts or have an awkward conversation with your family members because you misinterpreted their invitation.

Pink Tones

While this tone is also a fairly popular choice, we need to break down the different meanings of pink tones since you can convey various intentions depending on the color’s intensity. For example, a light-colored peach rose represents innocence, so they’re more suited for when you’re looking to gift flowers for young girls as a way to show respectful appreciation to them. The classic pink rose can be a versatile tone for delivering emotional messages about your most pure feelings of love without saying a single word if you decide to give them to your partner or a family member. If you want to show appreciation and admiration without losing enthusiasm, choosing salmon roses as your primary color is your best choice.


Green roses are such a rare occurrence in nature that choosing one for your rose bouquet would add a unique touch with an equally positive meaning. Green is associated with luck, growth, and life. Many cultures associate the color with new beginnings and bountiful times, primarily since westerners link the hue with money and fertility. If you want to show that you think positively about their future, gifting green roses after a graduation ceremony could be a fitting moment to do so. However, you can also give these to your friend when they receive a promotion at work combined with yellow roses to avoid confusion about your intentions.

Red and White

What if you want to express passionate feelings for your partner even after the routine has settled in the relationship? Combining the two most intense rose colors will result in a beautiful combination that will hit the mark perfectly. The red flowers convey love, while the white tones represent how committed and united you feel toward that special someone. Interestingly enough, you can find white roses during religious ceremonies like weddings or funerals due to their association with spirituality and purity. If you feel like a double-colored bouquet can step up to the occasion, red and white is a classic combination that never goes out of fashion.


When you’re looking to send someone a flower bouquet without causing any confusion, yellow is the safest way to go. A long time ago, yellow symbolizes greed and jealousy, yet it’s the color of friendship nowadays. They’re the perfect tone for gifting a friend to show gratitude in a purely platonic way and add a cheerful style to their work desk or home. The color is strongly associated with happiness for its vibrant tone and won’t go unnoticed. It’s the ideal choice for when you’re meeting a friend you haven’t seen in a while, and you want to surprise them right as you see them walk through the door.

Once you learn more about the meaning behind the rose colors, you can confidently gift a bouquet to your loved ones as a nice gesture for a special occasion. You can mix them up as you please while you talk to the florist to achieve a lovely arrangement to suit the occasion, whether you’re planning ahead of a specific date or you’re walking by the flower shop, and you thought of your loved one.