Simple ways to Improve your sleep

The link between sleep and wellbeing has been well researched with health professionals advising most of us aim for at least eight hours a night. Struggle to clock up enough shut-eye? You are not alone, one in three UK adults do not get enough kip, and the effects play out in everything from mood to productivity. The good news is there are a few simple ways you can improve your sleep from upgrading to a supportive, hybrid pillow to unwinding properly before bed. Let’s take a look at how you can wake up feeling brighter and with enough energy to keep up with all those events in your diary!

Get Bedtime Supported

Whatever time you make it to bed, having the right bedding and pillow to keep you cool, comfortable and supported can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep. If you tend to overheat, especially in the summer months, you might want to consider the fabric you are wrapping up in or lying on. Bamboo is becoming the go to for many hot sleepers, the naturally hypoallergenic fabric is thermo-regulating reacting intuitively to your body temperature keeping you cool in the summer and cosy in winter. When it comes to pillows, having the right balance of comfort and support is vital for a good night’s sleep. A hybrid bamboo pillow provides that just right head-hugging softness while contouring to your sleeping position, keeping your neck, head and spine in perfect alignment. With bedtime supported and comfy, it’s time to get set up with a good routine to unwind before diving in.

  1. Set a routine to unwind

Does your head tend to still be spinning by the time you get to bed? It’s no surprise. With our modern lifestyles being a non-stop montage of work, screens and responsibilities having enough time to unwind your mind before bed can be a challenge. Though carving out this time will help you get the restorative rest you need to wake up feeling refreshed. Set a ‘switch off’ time after which you only engage in relaxing activities. A good movie, a hot bath or a chat with your loved ones are great ways to unwind and slow down your nervous system which can be on overdrive from being in a constant state of ‘busy’. It can take time to adjust to a new routine though try and be consistent. You will find it far easier to fall asleep when you switch off from the stress and worries of the day and wake up feeling all the better.

  1. Be caffeine conscious

Can’t get through the day without coffee? You are not alone. Caffeine keeps many of us going when we haven’t had enough sleep and our to-do list seems to only be getting longer. Though getting smart about your caffeine intake could actually help you sleep better. Experts recommend no more than 400mg for healthy adults, which is about four or five cups. How much caffeine is best for you can depend on other factors from body weight to your metabolic rate. It can take up to ten hours for caffeine to leave your system. Remember, caffeine is not only in coffee. Many sweet drinks and snacks have sneaky levels of caffeine that can affect your sleep. Try to stick to herbal teas and avoid caffeine from early afternoon, this will help ensure it is not keeping you awake when it’s time to hit the hay!

Getting enough sleep isn’t always easy in today’s fast-paced world, though proper rest is vital for feeling at your best. Changes take time though the key is to keep consistent. From making sure your bed is supportive and comfortable to allowing yourself proper down time, you will be giving your wellbeing the boost it needs to thrive. When you sleep better, you live better so give these tips a go and fall in love with bedtime.