Safety Measures Every Business Should Implement

For any business, a large part of an employee’s health and happiness comes down to safety. You need to have the right procedures in place to protect your staff, otherwise, there’s an increased risk of workplace accidents, not to mention hefty lawsuits on your hands. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, here are some mandatory safety measures you should have in place today.

Create a Health and Safety Policy

Your plan should outline how you are going to manage health and safety within your company. The bigger and more complicated your business is, the more detailed your policy must be. The key purpose of a health and safety policy is to let your employees, customers, and suppliers know that you’re dedicated to effective health and safety performance. Your plan should establish who is responsible for what, when, and how. For businesses that employ 5 people or less, your policy does not need to be written down. However, it must still exist.

Provide Suitable Workplace Facilities

Whatever type of environment you operate in, your work premises must be safe and healthy for all employees. This includes staff with disabilities too. You don’t need to overcomplicate things either. Simple measures like having safe drinking water, toilet and hand basins, and a place to rest and eat are a must for employees. Make sure there’s suitable lighting throughout the premises, good ventilation, and a reasonable work temperature. Regarding safety, make sure floors and traffic routes are kept free from obstructions, have windows that can be opened safely, and ensure you properly maintain your work equipment.

Provide Regular Training

Regular health and safety training is a must for all employees in your business. Thankfully, iHASCO can help. They provide health and safety courses for staff that can teach them the core components. They have a variety of other courses you can look into which can only be beneficial for your company in the long run.

Display Signs

This is a fairly straightforward safety measure. If you employ others in your business, make sure you put up signs and posters around your workplace about health and safety. These posters should be displayed where staff can easily see them. As well as this, you can provide each member of your team with a copy of the poster that they can keep.

Organise Insurance

For most companies, employers’ liability insurance is mandatory. This protects the staff by indemnifying them against your company should they become ill or get injured at work. This insurance allows employees to claim compensation from your company too. Make sure you have the right types of insurance in place, otherwise, you could face legal action and hefty government fines for not complying.

All business owners need to pay close attention to their health and safety regulations. While you may be juggling a whole host of tasks and responsibilities, your employee’s health and welfare should come before anything else. Taking the measures above and implementing them into your operation will protect your team and ensure you’re doing everything above board.