6 Ways to Cope with Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition that can affect younger people, just as much as the older generations. There are many ways you can manage the aches and pains, and we will cover some of those here. From natural techniques of having a closer eye on what you eat and drink in your diet to more particular types of arthritis management, like acupuncture, read on to find out how you can manage the pain much more effectively.

Use compression support

If you are suffering from arthritis pains, consider using compression support. You can get sleeves to wear wherever the pain is, whether it is your elbow, arm, leg, or elsewhere. For example, a firm elbow compression support works because the sleeve’s warmth helps make you feel more comfortable. You can get one at places like Bearhug, and they are known to take the edge of the pain off.

Keep a healthy diet, and try herbal supplements

It is important to have a healthy, balanced diet. As the BBC explains, it is vital to make sure you are getting all of the important vitamins and minerals to strengthen your body. Eating foods that have quality nutritional value for you is one of the most natural ways to reduce your pains. Try lower sugar and fat content foods in your diet.

You could try acupuncture

We would recommend talking to your doctor before considering acupuncture, but it can help as an option. It is a very old, but effective practice that involves a specialist using very thin needles to focus on different parts of your body. It is a well-known Chinese treatment, and it might be something to consider if you are suffering. Chat to your doctor about this first though.

Exercise little and often where possible

A report by Oxford Economics explains that there may be a link between obesity and arthritis. We all know that getting exercise is incredibly good for us. But by keeping active where you can, this can help improve your overall mobility, make those pains more manageable, and even help prevent any serious pains in the future. Try to take little steps and keep moving.

Try adding some turmeric to your diet

Some studies suggest that adding turmeric into your diet can help ease the pain. Health Harvard reports that in a review, over 94% of those taking curcumin, which is found in turmeric, felt at least 49% improvement in their pain level. This was not a large-scale study, but it highlights that it could be an option for pain relief for people living with arthritis.

Hot and cold therapy

Implementing hot and cold therapy treatments is another very easy way to try and reduce those aches. You can try a nice, soothing, warm bath, or investing in an electric blanket. There are even heat pads you can get that are designed for exactly this purpose. If you prefer the colder options, you can use an ice gel pack to get instant pain relief.