The Best No-Code Apps & Tools For Startups In 2021

5 Must-Have No-Code Apps & Tools For Startups In 2021

For the longest time a website was the “domain” of the developer. To build a website, to add to that website, or to build an app was a niche and segmented part of the workplace, dominated by high-paid developers, and rightly so – if you’ve ever looked at the source code of a website, you’d understand why. To this day developers are still highly sought after, but the industry has changed quite dramatically in the last 10+ years. The amount of developers out there compared to those launching business and startups simply pales in comparison. In other words, supply outweighs demand. This isn’t to imply that developers are struggling – quite the opposite in fact. However, due to the fact that a lot more or life happens online, most business and startups alike have come to realise that a business practically doesn’t exist if it doesn’t have an online presence. Hence the demand for digital tools that can cater to those without a knowledge of coding has led to quite a lucrative and helpful industry, more specifically, the no-code industry.

What is No-Code & what can I do with it?

No-code is a type of programming made by developers for those who cannot do developing. It’s a GUI (Graphic User Interface) that allows the user to build a website or an app without having to use any of the complicated coding languages such as HTML for example. It could be likened to Coding For Dummies, although anyone without such knowledge electing to claim and profit from their own little piece of online real estate is certainly no dummy. There’s plenty that can be done with a no-coding tool or program. Outside of creating your very own website or app, you can automate tasks, make sure you receive payments and more. No-code programs and tools are not specifically geared and thus cover an array of practical applications for the online and digital world. However, if you’re looking for improve upon your business or launch a start-up – be it something to do with food and drink or fashion and beauty, then the following no-code tools and/or apps come highly recommended.

Tools for the trade


Ideal for novices seeking to build their very own websites, Landen makes things easy and fun by asking the user a series of questions – 20 to be exact – and in a fun format before figuring out what is the user needs. If you’re looking to build impressive landing pages (home pages) without being served a big helping of code, then Landen could be what you’re looking for. Startups generally gravitate towards it and it offers great add-ons and is suited for all skill-levels.


If you’re looking for something more intricate, or let’s say you need your website to do more, then Webflow will likely meet your expectations. Many no-code website builders allow for customisation, but only up to a point. Webflow lets the user take things further to the point of constructing a fully responsive end-product. If you can do more, expect to pay a little more too – Webflow offers a Lite ($16 monthly) version and a Pro version ($35 monthly).


Got a cool idea for an app with lucrative possibilities? Looking to showcase your concept in Google’s famous Play Store? Then try your hand at Bubble. One of the things that makes Bubble such an appealing tool is that you can build a prototype and test it out. Bubble also comes with an impressive set of internal tools that allows for you to really flex your imagination. You can build both apps and websites with it.


Why should Siri and Alexa get all the kudos when you might have something novel and innovative to bring into the world of voice apps? Perhaps you’ve penned a children’s story and would like to narrate it? The point is that with Voiceflow you can build voice apps without punching in a single line of code. It’s a niche market, that’s for sure, but sometimes that’s where the money lies. Pricing for this no-code program goes from free into the hundreds of dollars. Now might be the time to try your hand at CFDs as an investment option for Startups. Then maybe you can parley the profit into your voice app vision.

Nintex Process Platform

Perhaps you’ve already managed to create a streamlined business or start-up, but it still needs an online presence? Then Nintex Process Platform might just be for you. With this no-code program you can create an advanced website to fall in line with the complexities of your business and thus cover everything from robotic process automation to workflow automation, process analytics, document generation and more.