The Rise of The Influencer!

The birth of the internet, as we know it today, really began around the millennium. The World Wide Web gave rise to websites, which offered news, information on businesses or services, and many other opportunities for people to either express themselves, or to make money, and sometimes both!

With this came social media sites such as Bebo, Myspace and Friends Reunited. All basically networking sites. There were new and more exciting prospects on the horizon though.

Facebook more or less destroyed Myspace over night, then Twitter and Instagram followed and mainly used for people to connect with each other and debate or share views. These days, every man and his dog will have a social media account, with newer versions such as Tik Tok and Snapchat and of course the old favourite Youtube still going strong.

Out of these social networking sites emerged bloggers and influencers. Basically, people who go around taking film or photos of food offerings, or music events, anything of interest on this planet, it will be covered on these social sites, all across the world with just a few exceptions where freedom of speech is restricted. Some are controversial and find fame for not always the right reasons such asTristan Tate.

Influencers soon realised, or rather businesses soon realised, there is value in having a product or service promoted by an influencer, because these social accounts often have many thousands of followers, some local focused and others national or world-wide.

It has become a roaring trade for some net savvy social media moguls, who now make a living from promoting say, for instance, local restaurants and bars.

Influencer marketing is evolving fast, it is difficult to keep up with these social trends, there is great competition out there, both for the influencers and, the businesses wishing to be heard or seen.

Such is the power of influencers there days, that Russian influencers, have relocated to others countries such as Dubai, to enable their work to continue due to Russian censorship during the present war in Ukraine. It is an entire industry, with many people who have created their own fame being known internationally.

Whether it is a Youtuber, making money from adverts. Or an influencer on Instagram making money from food and drink reviews, the industry is expanding.

But what will the future hold? Well, at present it is free to sign up to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. But this may change in the future, with people such as Elon Musk buying up Twitter, he has already made noises that he will be charging businesses to use the platform, and an influencer is most certainly a business if they are making money or posting in return for products. Influencers who combine their social activity with their own websites and subscriptions are far better placed to ensure longevity and security in their line of work.

Either way, influencers are here to stay..