Blue Violet at The Sunflower Lounge review

Blue Violet played at the Sunflower Lounge and it was definitely a performance to remember. The band are a very charismatic and talented couple (Sam and Sarah Gotley) who strummed and sang to the soul. They were accompanied by drummer Martin Newbury and Pianist/Keys player Dan Stokes, who complemented the duo with their beautiful playing. The music had an air of melancholy from the lyrics and melodies, combined with the vocals that drove the words straight to your core.

This isn’t to say the night was a sombre event, the balance of emotions was just right and I swayed along to the music. I very much value music as a very important part of my life, that is why Blue Violet have had quiet an impact as some of their songs really spoke to me; even more so that it was my first proper night out with just me and my dad and it was such a memorable one thanks to these brilliant musicians. was like peeking through the looking glass into someone else’s spiralling downfall into whatever they are being consumed with.

We particularly loved the song ‘Asylum’ it was so different and energetic whilst telling a story of being misunderstood and outcast by others who cant understand the internal struggles people go through and to those people that labels them as mad. It is a ballad to remind you that you’re not alone, the meaning of asylum is suppose to be a safe place to grant protection and refuge for people who need it, this song encourages you to find that in yourself and those around you. Not just to be locked up in an Asylum alone and dismissed, well that is what I took from this particular song anyway.

Then there was the beautiful tune ‘Rabbit Hole’ that was played for us and it was like peeking through the looking glass into someone else’s spiralling downfall into whatever they are being consumed with. Whether you’re falling with them or just witnessing it happen and you feel every word as it’s sang to you. The song ‘Halo’ is equally as enrapturing and ‘Mama’ gave me chills from both the words and beautiful voices calling out to the audience.

Blue Violets stage presence was fluid and engaging, you could see the passion through the way they played their instruments to the expressions while singing, it was like bearing their hearts on their sleeves. It all felt very soothing but impactful while we were being entertained with deep meanings entwined in heavenly notes and lines that moved me both body and mind.

By the end of the night I was at their merchandise stand with my new purchase meeting the lovely singers, who are extremely friendly and were more than happy to converse with fans and seemed like very authentic and wonderful people. On stage they presented this with showing adoration for each other and the audience by giving recognition to other band members and how grateful they are for their fans.

So as I sit here writing in my new band T-shirt listening to them sing to me while I recall how much I adored my Blue Violet experience. I can’t help but conclude that I got the pleasure to witness amazing talent and am certain that if you (like me) love that indie folk/pop sound then you most definitely wont be disappointed by this enchanting band.

Words by Wallis Brown for Grapevine Birmingham (