Why Shopping for Smart Watches Is More Confusing Than Smartphones

If we were to look at smartwatches on most electronics online stores, we will see that there are hundreds of different smartwatches. Some smartphone manufacturers even make more smartwatch models than smartphones which makes things very confusing. If we were to visit https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/category/electronics/mobile-and-smart-devices/smart-watches-and-wearables, choosing a model may appear to be easier. This particular webstore focuses on just a few models from well-known and trusted brands but there is still a certain degree of confusion when choosing one.

Too Many Choices?

Having so many different smartwatches is confusing mainly for Android users. If you have an Android smartphone, almost any if not all smartwatches work. Some special features such as the ones on Samsung Galaxy watches may only work with Samsung devices but the smartwatches from the Korean manufacturer should work with smartphones wearing a different branding.

What makes things even worse is that many smartwatches look almost the same on the outside. Some brands attempt to mimic the design of the Apple Watch. What differentiates them is the features that they come with. To navigate through so many options, it is important to trim down your options using a few selection criteria.

  1. Disregard cheap smartwatches

The first tip is to disregard cheap smartwatches. They may seem pretty on the outside but they always lack certain features that may be related to the hardware used inside or lack of software support. You are better off just ignoring smartwatches that are below S$250. If you look at the iShopChangi online shopping link for smartwatches and wearables products, you will notice that they do not offer cheap devices from unknown brands. It is a means of protecting their customers from bad products.

  1. Disregard unjustifiable expensive smartwatches

You should also avoid overspending on a smartwatch. It makes no sense to pay for a smartwatch the same or more of what you paid for your smartphone. Anything above S$S700 rarely offers much more than a cheaper smartwatch of around S$500. You rarely get much more if you pay much more.

  1. Pick a brand you appreciate

If there is a particular smartwatch brand you appreciate, stick with it. Check out what models they offer and pick one. If you cannot find the one you like, try looking at other brands as well but always look for reviews of the device you are interested in. If you like a device but know very little about it, check out some online reviews for it.

  1. Check smartwatches physically in stores

ndoubtedly, you will get better deals online. Physical electronics stores are generally more expensive. You can test this by following the iShopChangi online shopping link for smartwatches and wearables products and compare their prices with the ones you see in physical stores. However, you can benefit from visiting a physical store and looking at some smartwatches that may be presented in their showrooms. It can help you decide which model to get or may even cause you to change your mind as sometimes, devices may appear a bit different in reality than how they look in photos.