5 tips to plan a birthday dinner in Singapore

Are you planning a birthday dinner?

It is a good idea to choose a venue like a bar or a restaurant to do the same. However, planning one is not an easy task even when you decide to have a birthday dinner at a bar or restaurant. Today, we will share with you five tips to help you plan a birthday dinner in Singapore.

1. Reserve in advance:

It is always a good idea to reserve the table or a section in advance. Depending on the number of guests you are expecting, you can either reserve a table or the section of the restaurant.

Nevertheless, the important point here is to reserve in advance. That way, you will not have to wait or be disappointed on your birthday.

The best way is to call the restaurant in advance and ask about the reservation procedure to do so through the official channel.

2. Check the menu before booking:

Before you reserve the restaurant or the bar, it is a good idea to check the overall menu of the restaurant. You will have to create a smaller menu out of this menu.

If you’re not okay with the cuisine or the type of entrees or the main course which the restaurant provides, you will need to change the restaurant.

A big part of the birthday dinner is the food. That is why; you cannot ignore the menu of the restaurant.

3. Inquire if you can bring your cake:

Many restaurants, as well as bars, allow you to bring your birthday cake. Of course, they might charge you a plating fee. However, they allow the same.

When you’re bringing the cake yourself, you can easily choose your favorite flavor and the type of cake you are looking for. The same might or might not be arranged by the bar at the restaurant. That is why you have to always inquire about the same while planning a birthday dinner.

4. Create a limited menu:

Instead of having a birthday dinner on an Ala Carte basis, it is a good idea to create a smaller menu.

There are numerous advantages to creating a limited menu. These are:

· The restaurant will be able to serve you fast no matter how many guests you have.

· When you create a small menu, nothing will be out of stock for you or for your guests.

· You can gain an idea regarding the cost when you make a limited menu.

· Not only that, you can create a menu according to the likes and dislikes of your guests.

Thus, you have to work with the manager of the restaurant to create a limited menu. It can undoubtedly make your dinner much more enjoyable.

5. Invite people whom you adore:

Lastly, while planning a birthday dinner in Singapore, you also have to draft a guest list. You have to ideally invite people who are close to you and whom you adore as well. You need a dinner party which is cheerful and has people who are happy to be there. That is why you have to prepare a list in advance.

Once you prepare the invite list, you will be able to book the restaurant or the bar accordingly.

Thus, when struggling to plan a birthday dinner in Singapore, make sure that you follow these five tips. Once you do so, it will become easier to efficiently plan and execute your birthday dinner.