10 must-have items in men wardrobe

Before, there was hardly any talk of fashionable men’s clothing. However, nowadays men have a concern to look good and modern. They are no longer satisfied with having two identical shirts in the closet, but want to dress appropriately for each occasion. The good news is that you don’t have to expand your closet or spend all your money on clothes. For those who are not yet familiar with the concept, the wardrobe is those essential pieces of clothing that you must have and that will guarantee your style on any occasion , both formal and day-to-day, and that, in addition, are timeless and adaptable to any moment.

Jersey: With a shirt, the most successful is the V-neck. The normal thing is that it is made of wool with a mixture and even lately, cotton. Its quality is unmatched and its durability is guaranteed. If you want to get it right, you should bet on plain colors so that it can be combined with any shirt.

Cotton pants: Few garments, along with denim , have been more accepted in recent years than cotton pants. It has relegated to the most classic of clothing and its workmanship and fabric are among the most varied. You can find them with countless patterns, even fantasy, such as the window box or Wales.

T-Shirt: Nothing beats the quality of a nice black shirt or a t-shirt whose color does not fade after the first wash. Likewise, there is nothing more valuable in a men’s wardrobe than having genuine leather shoes or sturdy sneakers that can last for many years. All these items are elements that allow you to assert yourself or show your personality. Give your t-shirts collection an instant upgrade with on-trend additions from Rhude clothing, each piece is crafted with care using materials like cotton, and every detail is carefully considered.

Padded: It can be a vest or complete. It can be worn under the jacket in the case of the vest or long over the jacket in the case of the parka. In spring they lighten their weight a lot compared to their winter version.

Linen jacket: Very used in spring or summer due to its versatility of prints: herringbone, check, Harry’s, Wales… It combines perfectly with any type of pants: cotton, wool…

Monstrak: This shoe with one or two buckles is valid for formal or sport environments . They come in all colours, although the best sellers are browns, cognacs… and blues, which have recently come to stay.

Blazer: With elbow pads to wear casual and unstructured fit or wool without elbow pads to wear formal or business .

Rimmed Glasses: On sunny days you have to take advantage of them, so if you get some plastic sunglasses like these from Gucci (there are many cheaper versions), which have begun to be seen this past season and are here to stay a few more, we know you’re playing it safe. A success no matter where you look at it, because even if they stopped taking it next year, it is clear that sooner or later they will come back strong. They are combinable with all kinds of looks.