27 Men’s Wardrobe Basics You Can Mix And Match Daily

Men’s fashion is exciting, defining, and often revealing. One can always tell how much care a man gives himself from his wardrobe. With about one-third of UK men suffering from low body confidence, men need to learn some wardrobe basics that they can mix and match in various simple but creative styles. Although clothing prices have increased globally, you don’t have to break the bank to look good. Knowing what works and how to make it work are vital to having a solid impression and confidence in your looks. There’s certainly no shortage of information online.

Still, when getting specific details on mixing and matching items in your wardrobe, you will do well to sift information carefully. A simple mistake could dull your shine, while a simple hack could have you getting appreciative stares. As a man, you are your primary designer and dresser; you are responsible for choosing what to wear. Unfortunately, that’s quite the challenge for many.

This article describes 27 wardrobe basics that every man should have and how you can mix and match them daily without lacking inspiration. From quality shirts to well-cut pants, here are the basics that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Fitted Briefs

Briefs are the foundation of any great outfit. Fitted briefs keep everything packed with enough space for air. It is essential to get comfortable, absorbent, and dry briefs. Boxer briefs and slim trunks designed for men work well to keep you packaged all day. Cotton remains the best material for briefs; cotton is dry and soft on your sensitive parts.

Denim Shirt

Denim is an established clothing material that millions of people love. With one or two denim shirts in your wardrobe, you are set to mix and match clothes for semi-formal and informal wear. If your job permits, you could wear a casual denim shirt weekly. Denim shirts are cool, trendy, and always in style. You’ll do great to have one or more of them handy.

All-Purpose Loafers

Loafers remain an essential item in any male wardrobe. They are great for casual and semi-formal events, the perfect-all-purpose shoes. If you have an emergency dress need, loafers are all but confirmed to be a perfect choice; you won’t have to spend time choosing colours and styles.

White Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts are perfect, and only a few pairs of trousers won’t go with a white button-down shirt. Find your favourite colour; white is excellent for any colour of trousers. You can combine the white button-down shirt with any suit or trousers. The flexibility that comes with owning button-down shirts is enough to keep a couple of them in your wardrobe.

Comfy Beanies

Beanies are popular with young techy guys today, but men of all ages can rock them perfectly. The key is simple: find your colour and size, rock it with summer wear or a simple plain suit. You’d be surprised at how much your appearance improves.

Plain/Suit Trousers

Trousers anchor your dress and ultimate appearance. Your trouser steals the show, and that’s why you first see baggy trousers before the shoes. Plain trousers are great for formal and informal wear, and you can combine different shirts. For greater flexibility, black, brown, and grey plan trousers should be in your wardrobe. Black and grey match all colours while brown goes with most other colours. Consider getting different styles such as belted or beltless trousers.


The UK weather is quite unpredictable and sometimes annoying. You could beat the weather by having a good overcoat in your wardrobe. Keep a topcoat to keep the cold and wet out, leaving you dry, warm, and happy. Overcoats also bring a statement to your dressing -there goes a man that can dress. You can choose short or full-length coats or have one in your wardrobe. The best thing about coats is that you can use them with any wear -formal, semi-formal, and informal. Rock your coat with a suit and hat, or simply a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts bring out a particular masculine, rugged look that you’ll appreciate. A flannel shirt effortlessly combines with corduroy, plain trousers, denim, or chinos. Flannel shirts package and define your torso, keep you warm, and provide rugged resistance against cold. Bring out your inner lumberjacked man with a fitted flannel shirt.

Crew Neck Jumper

One thing about jumpers is that they look great for all genders and people of all ages. Both young, older, and older adults can make a fashion statement with creative jumper styles. Your wardrobe is lacking if there are no jumpers. A crew neck jumper defines your style; match it with denim or plain trousers and a pair of boots, and you’ve got the perfect informal date in hand. You can throw on a light jacket against the evening chill.


What’s a male wardrobe without the go-to white tee? A white t-shirt is an essential item you must never miss. Your tee will be there when the boys come calling for a quick night out. Tees are also great for daily houseware, picnics, or sports events. You could get creative by rocking your white tee with a jacket for a semi-formal event. Grey, black, and blue tees are also great items in your wardrobe. Having several options makes it easy to mix and match colours.


You don’t have to rob a bank to buy lovely suits. You may only need three sets of suits; black, grey, and blue. You can vary the colours, but ensure that they are fit for business/office, religious events, or simply stylish enough to make you feel great. The thing about suites is that you can comfortably mix jackets and trousers from different suits to look great. For example, take your blue coat, black shirt, and black trousers, and you have a great match. You can try out colours, but be within a reasonable range. Don’t go looking like you fell out of a paint store.

Khaki Trousers

Khaki, like flannel, gives you a rugged look that plain trousers do not. It often doesn’t matter whether you are in shape; khaki pants bring out your inner tough boy. Khaki is also suitable for working around the house as it can take more stress than other materials. Get various khaki designs such as double-front, single back, and side-only pockets.


Hoodies are cool for outdoor running, keeping cold out, and that long evening walks with yourself. Having hoodies allows you to combine shorts and tees or trousers and tees. Add a pair of running shoes, and you’re good to go. You can do a lot with hoodies -from having your daily coffee runs to a casual Friday at work, your dressing doesn’t have to get complicated. You should check out the publication Men’s Flair for solid fashion advice that can help you figure out how to style your hoodies in a range of different functions. You will also be able to get more advice about other pieces of clothing that you can mix and match.

Chore Coat

For men that love to get their hands working to fix various issues at home, the chore coat comes in handy. The chore coat is excellent for doing stuff around the house with four pockets, a thick collar, and arms. It is also great for seniors going out with several devices as the pockets are suitable for holding most hand-held devices. Chore coats are mighty, typically made from recycled denim and a sure bet for house chores. You could also use a coat for cold evenings.

Lace-Up Shoes

Every man knows the difference between a dress and a casual shoe. But there’s also a distinct category of shoes that fall between dress shoes and casual or work shoes. Say hello to the lace-up shoe. The lace-up shoe is sturdy, stylish, and endures various weather conditions. They are comfortable and can mix with trousers of different colours and materials. Go for lace-ups with strong soles to take heavy use.


Sneakers are great for exercising, casual events, and a formal event if you love something showy. A black suit and white tees go well with white sneakers. Get sneakers with different designs for a variety of minimalist looks. You could also get a sneakers logo to add a sense of luxury. Sneakers are comfy, attractive, and give that “yeah” feeling. That’s one piece that should not be missing from your wardrobe, mate.


Strictly for the gym? No! While you can wear some grey or dark sweatshirt to the gym, there are many other places where you can wear them too. You could go on a date with a sweatshirt, jeans, or black chinos trousers. Get your favourite sneaker and a peak cap, and you are set. Of course, it’s often necessary to wear something beneath a sweatshirt; you can be as creative as you want. Tees, singlets, and vests are excellent options.

Black Neckties

Black ties are simply inexhaustible for transforming a casual suit into a business suit. You can step out of your favourite pub directly to a board meeting with a tie doing the trick for you. Most men get official/ formal engagements regularly; at work, religious centres, or some other secular event. It is necessary to have one or more black neckties in your wardrobe and one permanently included in your carry-on bag for emergencies.

Long-sleeved Shirts

Business/office shirts are tremendous but eventually become boring. Spice up your wardrobe with some colourful long-sleeved shirts that can mix with black or grey trousers and sneakers for an informal evening outing. Go for shirts with colour patterns that are okay for you. A nice feeling comes with rolling your sleeves up while taking a stroll alone or with someone.

The Weekend Rugby Shirt

Whether you play sports, the rugby shirt is an excellent piece for the weekend. Whether red, blue, grey or black colour, it matters little to how you rock it. The key is knowing what trousers and sneakers to wear beneath the rugby shirt to make a great combination.

Chelsea Boots

Stylish, dependable, and sturdy, Chelsea boots bring a flair to your appearance wherever you are. You may not wear Chelsea boots for a business meeting, but you could attend other formal functions showing class and an eye for great designs. Combine Chelsea boots with slim plain trousers or denim trousers for the ultimate male look.

Bomber Jacket

Originally designed for army pilots, bomber jackets have now become an essential item in the typical male wardrobe. Indeed, you need a bomber jacket for flexibility. Combine bomber jackets with business trousers, a shirt and a tie, or step out in casual wear with your favourite bomber jacket turned inside-out.

Round neck And Rollneck Sweaters

Sweaters are good, but round neck and rollneck sweaters take the pleasure a notch. Don your sweatshirt with your favourite colours for an evening out in the park or a pleasant time with your family. Sweaters make great additions to men’s fashion, and your wardrobe is incomplete without them. Cotton, cashmere, and nylon are popular sweater materials; get several of them for flexibility.


Joggers retain a prominent place in most men’s wardrobes today. They are not only suited for sports but are great for outdoor dates and daily house wear. Joggers are stretchy and can take more stress than you think. Add a pair of sneakers, and you can go anywhere.

Blue Oxford Shirt

The blue oxford shirt brings style and quality; step into the echelon without stress. A pale-blue oxford shirt is perfect for navy-blue and dark suits and goes well with knitted jackets. You can wear it open like a tee, without a jacket in summer.


Belts may be semi-hidden when you wear suits or long shirts, but they remain essential wardrobe basics that no man should be without. Flex your creativity with leather belts of various designs. Add some flair with designer brands or keep things simple with minimalist designs.

No-sleeves Sweater

No-sleeves sweaters are the ultimate all-purpose sweater that could pass for formal events, informal events, or a simple time out with your family. No-sleeves are cool, not just for older adults or academicians, as the movies portray. Young adults, too, can rock them for a great look.