3 Ways to Make Out-of-Town Gigs Less Stressful

Unless you have a gig as a house band, you will probably spend the bulk of your time on the road. Even for single musicians without a family at home, it can be more stressful than most people can imagine. Unless you’ve played the club or city before, everything may be new and strange. You probably won’t know where to eat and where to shop for any clothes or personal items you may need. Then there are audiences you’ve never played for and being unsure of your reception, your nerves are probably fraught with tension. These are just a few of the things that might put you on tension overload but there are ways to minimise the stress with just a little effort.

1. Introspection Is the Key

Unless you have taken the time to really think about what is causing you to be so stressed, there can be no solution. After all, it really can’t be always performing before new audiences because that’s what you do! There’s nothing new about that. Maybe it’s missing your family or wondering what your girlfriend is doing back home while you are away so much. Once you have listed all the triggers that lead to the stress you are dealing with, you can find ways to relieve unwarranted anxiety. For example, if it’s being away from your wife or girlfriend so much, why not video chat daily? There are always ways to stay connected so put your mind to work!

2. Tired of Hostels and Hotel Rooms

If this is one of the things that lead to a certain amount of displeasure or anxiety, why not do a little online searching for a room for rent? This may not be practical if you are only playing a one-night gig, but if you’ve been booked for several weeks, then renting a room in a flat or home might be what you need. While some rooms can be booked for a week, others have longer minimum stays. Do a bit of searching and you should have no trouble in many places finding a room for rent.

3. Do a Bit of Exploring

You probably won’t be playing seven nights a week, so on your off days, why not get out and about in the city you are staying in? Sometimes just getting out in the fresh air and spending time seeing the sights is enough to take your mind of the things that are worrying you. You might even want to take a tour of the other clubs in town on your nights off. Get the other band members together and have a bit of fun watching other musicians work the crowds.

Life itself can be stressful. However, when you are in a different place with new faces literally every day, there is little to bring you back to your place of safety like you feel when you step through the door of your home. Find out exactly what it is that is causing you stress and before you know it you’ll be wondering why you were ever so anxious in the first place.