4 Pieces of Tech to Make Lockdown Less Dull

As the UK makes its way steadily towards the potential end of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, it can become difficult to deal with the effects of an extended lockdown, especially with a possible end to the isolation so close to hand. However, it is absolutely vital that the UK does not rush out of the lockdown until it is absolutely safe to do so, and that means that, for the time being, lockdown must continue. However, the longer the quarantine lasts, the further your patience will be stretched, so to help you keep your sanity while perpetually indoors, here are a handful of potential devices that could help you keep busy at home.

1. A Virtual Assistant

While it might sound absolutely insane, a virtual assistant could be a really good way to help you feel somewhat less isolated during quarantine. It might be a bit far-fetched to suggest that Alexa is going to help you feel less lonely, but the call and response is familiar and similar enough to a conversation that it might actually do just that. Plus, Alexa can be used as a walky-talky type device between other Alexa devices, which might literally allow you to connect with your family, regardless of how far away they might be.

2. A Good Computer

There are very, very few things that cannot be achieved with a good computer and, when it comes to good computers, a good all in one desktop PC is typically the best way to go. There are a whole host of reasons for this, but what it eventually filters down to is that you can achieve almost anything a laptop can for a lower price on a desktop.

With a good computer, you can browse the internet, entertain yourself with video streaming services, play a variety of video games, animate art, and basically do anything else that takes your fancy. This incredible versatility means that, while you might not be able to go outside right now, you can definitely stay busy during your lockdown.

3. VR Headsets

Another very cool device that could help to keep you occupied is a virtual reality headset. There are several options for these available, including the recently released self-contained Oculus Quest 2, which is one of the most advanced wireless headsets available. These incredible devices straddle the border of science fiction and, quite literally, allow you to see into fantasy worlds through a headset that you can slip on and off. They can be rather expensive, but if you are looking for an escape into a new setting, there really is no beating VR.

4. Next Gen Console

In terms of gaming, you could also always invest in one of the brand new and impressive consoles that make the next gen line-up. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are relatively new releases making them rather expensive as well. However, their backwards compatibility and exclusives gave them a quick and extensive roster of enjoyable games that you could really get stuck into.