4 ways to thank your child’s teacher

A simple thank you goes a long way. As a parent you may want to show your child’s teacher how thankful you are. Expressing gratitude for their hard work by thanking them with a small gift or card at the end of the schoolyear is something that most teachers will appreciate.

One of the best ways to thank your child’s teacher can be to offer them personalised gift or message. Here are some ideas on what to write in a card and what to buy.

Thank You Card

A simple option is to get a card saying, ‘thank you’. You could also make one with your child. If your child is a little bit older, you could even help them write a short poem. However, a short note is often enough to show your gratitude.

Common messages to include in a card are “Thank you for being such a great teacher!”, “Thank you for making learning fun”, or simply “You are such a wonderful teacher”.

Food basket/chocolates.

From chocolate to fresh fruit, food is always a great gift to give. Consider personalising a box of chocolates with the teacher’s name on it or make it a fun day by baking cookies or cupcakes with your child. This will make them feel included and will make the gift seem even more special to their teacher.

A mug or a glass

We all love coffee mugs, but for teachers a mug is pretty much essential for tea and coffee breaks! Whether you choose a personalised mug or one with a funny message is entirely up to you. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a ceramic mug. Instead, you could choose a tankard or a tall glass with a personalised message on it. Even a glass water bottle can be useful to have during school hours in order to stay hydrated.


Teachers go through a huge number of notebooks and pens in a year, which means that they will most likely appreciate a new stationary set for their classroom. You can find ways to personalise a set of pens or a pencil case on the internet.

Remember that it usually isn’t necessarily about what you buy, but as the saying goes ‘it’s the thought that counts’. Letting a teacher know how much you appreciate them will show them how much you appreciate their hard work.