5 Cozy Places to Study or Co-Work in Birmingham

You’re a remote worker or student in Birmingham who has difficulty working from home. So, you need a safe space where you can do your work without distractions alongside other fellow remote workers and students who have serious things to do. You don’t need to worry. There are many cozy places to co-work or study in Birmingham. All you have to do is pick the site closest to you and get to work. You can even change venues from time to time if you want.

Top 5 Places For Co-Workers In Birmingham

1. Alpha Works

The first co-working space you should consider in Birmingham is Alpha Works. The company provides you with a relaxing environment where you can work and network at the same time. It is located right in the heart of the city and the co-working space occupies three floors in the Alpha building. The building was created specifically to boost your productivity while you work. It was structured by a well-known firm, Orms. Everything you’ll need to work efficiently, including computers, wifi, showers, kitchens, storage, and changing rooms are provided. The membership starts from as low as £10 daily. It is located in Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham B1 1TT, U.K.

2. Saint Kitchen

This co-working space is ideal for people who don’t want to draw a lot of attention to themselves and don’t want to work in a crowded space. It was initially called Saint Caffe and it is located in Unit 2, 61a St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1QS, U.K. There is a coffee machine nearby for when you need a pick me up. If you want, you can host meetings with your partners or fellow students in the building informally or formally depending on the reason for the meeting. It is a family-owned business that provides amazing meal options with the coffee.

3. Faculty, Piccadilly Arcade

Faculty is another great spot for students and workers who are interested in a space that has a great view of the city. It’s a common venue for hipsters and it is strategically located near New Street Station, number 14 Piccadilly Arcade, Birmingham B2 4HD, the U.K. The coffee and food is amazing for when you need refreshments. The Cafe isn’t too big so you might not be comfortable going there during peak hours to avoid the rush. With a strong internet connection, you can access the Do My Homework Now website without interference.

4. 200 Degrees Coffee

Another amazing coffee house and co-working space in Birmingham is 200 Degrees Coffee. While this space is still new compared to others on the list, it is a comfortable place for work. The food that goes with the coffee that is served at the cafe is legendary. The interior decor is amazing with more than enough sockets for everyone to use when necessary. You’ll also have strong internet access in the building. It is located in 31 Bond Street, Leeds, LS1 5BQ, U.K.

5. Quarter Horse Coffee

This coffee house and workspace has built a reputation in the industry because it roasts its coffee beans. This gives each drink a special savoring taste and aroma that is a must-have for coffee lovers. It’s a stone throw away from the Bullring located in 88-90 Bristol St, Birmingham B5 7AH, the U.K. There are high ceilings and the building is spacious. It’s perfect for people who don’t like staying in cramped spaces.

The five spots listed here are awesome for students or workers living in Birmingham. They are all cozy, clean and located in strategic places across the city. Ideally, you pick a location that isn’t too far from your home. Even if these co-working offices often open and close during the regular 9-5 work hours, it’s not ideal to pick a location that is far from your home.