5 meaningful gifts for your parents this Christmas

We are getting closer to Christmas and now is the time to start thinking of what you want to buy for your parents this year. Finding gifts for parents can sometimes be difficult, they’re either picky or they already have everything. If you’re looking for some ideas, we’ve put together a list to help you find the best gift this season.

  1. Personalised gifts

If your parents are softies, they’d probably love a personalised gift. Both creative and versatile, you can now personalise many things from calendars, keyrings, mugs and many more. It’s a great way to show them that you care. According to a UK study, one in two adults had personalised gifts last year, a trend that keeps going up each year.

  1. Jewellery

Who doesn’t like a piece of jewellery? For your mum, you could get a beautiful cluster and halo ring, they’re beautiful and definitely stand out from your usual classic solitaire ring. For your dad, you could get him a luxury watch or even a bracelet. In fact, you would be surprised to hear that men are more inclined to wear and buy jewellery now than a few years ago.

  1. A hamper

Food is always a good choice, especially if you are short of ideas. We, especially, love hampers because they come in multiple sizes and can contain various things. From chocolate, alcohol, cheese, wine or sweets. You’ll definitely find something that your parents will love! The price normally varies from £9 to thousands of pounds, it all depends on the goods inside the hamper.

  1. A fitness tracker

If your parents are always on the go, you could get them a fitness tracker. It’s a nice way for them to track their steps, heart rates and their sleep patterns. It may even push your parents to start working out more. Many brands are now jumping on the fitness bandwagon, from Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, you have plenty of choices out there. All in all, a good Christmas present!

  1. Cookware

There is a high probability that one of your parents cook, if that’s the case, some cookware could be the ideal present this year. From fancy pans to professional knifes but also coffee machines, there is a big selection when we talk about kitchen gifts. In doubt? You could have a little peak at your parent’s kitchen next time you see them and buy what you think is missing from it.