5 Reasons to Visit York

York is a unique city that’s steeped in historical landmarks, but it has a modern edge to it that guarantees anyone will enjoy visiting. If you’re searching for your next city break, allow us to tell you why York should make the list.

To Explore the National Railway Museum

York is well-connected by its railway line, and it’s even home to the National Railway Museum. Showcasing trains through the ages, this free museum is perfect for the entire family. As it’s close to the train station, you can put this on your list even if you’re staying at nearby Holiday Lodges Yorkshire.

If you’re searching for a truly unique experience, you should consider booking afternoon tea at the museum, which will allow you to relax in style in one of the Countess of York’s carriages. However, if you’re visiting during half term, you should book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

To Experience the Vikings

York’s rich history is so expansive that it touches on the Viking era, which makes for an exciting experience right in the centre. Back in 1976-81, archaeologists excavated an area around Coppergate and discovered countless new artefacts that revealed unknown insights into the Viking era. If you want a truly immersive Viking experience, you should pay a visit to the Jorvik Centre, which will take you back around one thousand years.

To Traverse the River Ouse

The picturesque River Ouse runs straight through York. In the centre, you will find several bars and restaurants along the banks, which make for the perfect place to soak up the summer sun. As well as this, you can hop aboard a tour boat and see York from a unique perspective. To help you keep track, the captain will give you a commentary on the surrounding areas.

To Try the Chocolate

Sitting on the River Ouse, York had a unique position during the industrial revolution, meaning it could easily get its hands on raw ingredients and other materials. Making the most out of this, the city began manufacturing chocolate. Terry’s and Rowntree’s were both made famous in York, and their products are still being manufactured today. The rich chocolatey history of York means that there is plenty of delicious chocolate to try.

To Walk the Shambles

Walking onto the Shambles will feel as though you’ve stumbled into a fairy tale. This cobbled street is lined with architecture dating back to the 14th century. Originally, the street was populated by butchers, and some of their hooks on still on display today.

Now, the Shambles is full of independent stores including bakers, gift shops, chocolatiers, and sweet establishments. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll love the Shambles because it’s said to be the street Diagon Alley is based on, and there’s even a wizarding shop here called The Shop that Must Not Be Named.

These reasons barely scratch the surface when it comes to visiting York. However, if your next city break destination was ever in question, the matter should certainly be resolved.