5 Shopping Tips for Buying Clothes Online

Shopping online is a very convenient way to purchase what you need. And for people who enjoy shopping for clothes, buying items from online retailers makes it easier to enhance their style and build their wardrobe without needing to visit too many stores.

However, a major drawback to shopping for clothes online is not being able to try things on before making a purchasing decision. As such, there is a higher possibility of returning what you bought because it does not fit you well or match your expectations. Even if online shops post photos and descriptions of the products they sell, it’s not the same as being able to touch or fit the item before purchasing. 

While you may not be able to avoid making returns, there are ways you can better ensure your satisfaction with your online purchase. If you want the best shopping tips for buying clothes online, read on. And don’t forget, you can always look out for discount codes and coupons, for instance, nordstrom coupons offer some great discounts which more than make up for the extra effort in ordering online when it comes to returns – you’re less likely to get a discount in a highstreet store too!

Take Accurate Body Measurements

Do you get a medium or large-sized shirt? Is size 12 too big for you? Picking clothes in the right size can be challenging when you are only gauging based on the available photos. To help you select the best fit for you, take your measurements using a tape measure. Begin with measuring your chest by wrapping the tape measure around your chest and under your arms. Make sure the tape measure is flat across your back and rests comfortably on your bust. For your waist, wrap the tape measure around your waist and just an inch above your belly button. The tape measure should feel snug but not tight when you do this. Then, stand with your feet together and measure the fullest part of your hips. You can usually find this eight to nine inches below the waist but it can vary per individual.

While measuring the bust, hips, and waist is enough to help you when shopping for most women’s clothes, you may need to measure other parts of your body for specific clothing types. For example, if you’re buying cotton leggings online, you also need to measure your inseam and outer leg to ensure you get the right length of leggings. When measuring the inseam and outer leg, get the help of a friend for accuracy. To identify your inseam, measure the length from your crotch to the bottom of your leg. For the outer leg, place the tape measure on the outer side of your leg and measure the leg from your waist to the ankle. These measurements will help you determine if the leggings are too long or short for your height. 

Check The Brand’s Sizing Chart

Clothing brands have different sizing charts. You can look amazing in a medium shirt from one brand but find that the same size in a different brand is too loose on you. While this is confusing for consumers, it is a common practice among clothes manufacturers to satisfy some wearers’ wishes to appear thin and feel better about themselves. To ensure you get garments true to your size, make sure to check the brand’s sizing chart and see which one is close to your measurements. Once you review the chart, it should give you a better idea of the size of clothes that will fit you well.  

If you are purchasing from retailers that offer products from different labels, designers, and clothing manufacturers, make sure to look at the sizing chart of each garment. While some retailers have a site-wide chart, it’s best to assess the specific sizing notes of the clothes you want to buy. And if there are customer reviews, take a look at those, too. Many shoppers are willing to share if the item they got is true to size or if you need to consider sizing up.

Take Note of Your Usual Size Per Retailer

Once you discover the size and style that suits you best from certain brands, make sure to take note of them. You can record the details on your phone’s note-taking app so you remember the particular clothing item, cut, and size. For example, keep notes that size 10 pants from a specific brand work best for you but from another manufacturer, a pair of size 12 trousers is more comfortable. Keeping track like this allows you to find clothes from the same retailer easier. Also, you will no longer have to second guess which size to buy and you can reduce the chances of returning products that don’t work for you.

Be Mindful of The Fabric

Many women often focus on the size of clothes and tend to overlook the fabric, which can also affect the fit. When shopping for clothes online, remember to check the material the items are made of. If you spot elastane, Lycra, and Spandex as part of the list of materials used in a product, you can be certain that it can stretch. Typically, three percent of elastane in clothes is a sufficient amount of stretch for comfortable wear.

Additionally, checking the fabric of the garment provides you with clues on how it will feel on your skin. If you are uncertain about how each fabric looks and feels, head to your closet and pick out a couple of clothes that you like wearing. Then, inspect the tag and see what materials they are made of. Also, take note of clothes that are itchy or feel stiff. This way, you know which fabrics to select and which ones to stay away from.  

Keep the Receipts and Return Slips

Although you want to minimize returning items, sometimes it can still happen. And when it does, you want to have a smooth process. Avoid removing any clothing tags until you’ve had the chance to try them on, and make sure you keep all the receipts and return packing slips. The last thing you want is to be forced to keep clothes that don’t fit or can’t be used because you lost the receipts. So, collect all receipts and keep them in one place, like a small tray on top of your dresser. Putting them in plain sight also helps remind you to accomplish the task as soon as possible. If you often forget to ship things back on time, you can dedicate a day every week or every month to evaluate your purchases and make all product returns.

Shopping for clothes online makes it convenient for fashionable women to enhance their style. But since you can’t feel or fit the items before making a purchase, there is no assurance that they fit well—which leads to returning them. While this is not an issue, it can be a hassle if this happens to you all the time. To reduce the chances of returns, follow the shopping tips mentioned above before you check out your virtual shopping cart. This way, you can shop with more confidence and increase the likelihood of being satisfied with your online purchases.