5 Ways to Go Green At Home

We are all aware that we need to play a part in helping to protect the environment, by preserving natural resources and by lowering our carbon footprint.

Implement these 5 ideas at home to become more eco-friendly and in the process save money and live a healthier life

1. Consider What You Eat

Switch to grass fed meats, as offered by the Good Grub People Online Farm Shop. Grass fed animals are naturally reared, without the use of chemicals and fertiliser. They are also reared here in the UK, so the carbon footprint in terms of shipping is lower than if the meat were being imported.

2. Recycle As Much As You Can

Sort your rubbish immediately into the different areas that can be recycled including: paper, plastics, glass, food waste, cans etc. It is much easier to separate these items as you go along rather than frantically trying to sort out a week’s worth, five minutes before you have to put the bins out for collection.

You should also check with the council where you can dispose of larger items like electrical good and hazardous materials, such as batteries and paint. If you have a garden it is a good idea to start a compost pile or box. Into this you can add food scraps and garden clippings. Not only are you stopping this from ending up in landfill but you are creating a nutritious natural fertilizer for your soil.

3. Don’t Add to Landfill

Think before you throw anything away, whether it could be used by another person. Donate to charity stores, sell your items online or give them away on sites such as Freegle and Freecycle. Many items just need a little tender loving care and maybe a lick of paint to upcycle them into something that will be loved by a new owner.

4. Create Less Waste

There are ways that you can actually create less waste in the first place:

  • Try to avoid purchasing food with too much excess packaging. Don’t buy the triple wrapped fruit, rather select the loose apples or pears and just place them in a paper bag

  • Cut down on papers and magazines by reading online where possible or share magazine subscriptions between friends, so every copy is ready by several people

  • Take your name off the list for junk mail, so you aren’t throwing paper away needlessly on a weekly basis

  • Go paperless with bank statements and bills and just check them online

5. Grow Your Own

If you have a garden or can get on the list for an allotment, consider growing some of your own food. Even if you only have a windowsill you can make a start and grow some herbs and salad items in pots.

When you eat food that you have grown yourself you know it is eco-friendly because you are only using organic compost, you haven’t used chemical fertilizers and the carbon footprint is low because you are literally carrying the fruit or vegetables up the garden path to your plate.

Even just implementing these five ideas at home will help you to live a much greener life. If everyone plays a small part, it’s amazing how quickly that adds up to making a positive impact on the environment.