8 Popular Summer Flowers

In May or June, there is nothing wrong with giving roses, orchids, or lilies available all year round. However, consider seizing the moment and surprising your loved ones with a bouquet that only appears in summer. To order flowers online in London, check out the seasonal trends and choose the sorts that demonstrate all their magnificence during the hottest season.

1. Zinnia

The world-renowned Zinnia is an annually blooming flower from the Aster family. Given its vibrantly coloured petals and a dark core, a bouquet with Zinnias will take you back to a sun-drenched field next to your granny’s garden, reminding you of the good old summer holidays. These specimens make stunning mono-bouquets and make lively additions to compositions with hydrangeas, peony roses, and daisies.

2. Dahlias

A large, textured bud assembled from pointed, waxy petals is the eye-catching Dahlia, a gorgeous flower of the summertime essence. The most popular varieties have rich, gradient shades, which makes them ideal for mono-bouquets. In contrast, dahlias in pastel cream and pink shades have recently found their place in wedding floristry. They have become a must-have for country-styled and chic boho ceremonies. 

3. Peony

An exquisite, lush, and fragrant peony is a royal flower that has won the hearts of millions of women around the world. In ancient China, these flowers were considered the symbol of the imperial dynasty, ‘The King of Flowers’, and people with low social status were prohibited from growing them. However, modern times have transformed this belief, as white, pink, and coral peonies are becoming increasingly sought-after in wedding floristry. 

4. Gloriosa Daisy

Gloriosa, also known as Rudbeckia, resembles a slightly messy tropical chamomile. It is a rich yellow or orange flower with a red undertone. Gloriosa is often combined with seasonal flowers and herbs such as ferns, negras, ruscus, and asparagus. Gloriosa bouquets look bright and cheerful as if they were tenderly hugged by the sun itself.

5. Anemones

This naive country flower, which typically adorns rustic gardens, understands its colour terms: from fuchsia to pale pink, beige to canary yellow, and from lilac to indigo. Thanks to an abundance of such vivid colours, some merry, summer-spirited compositions can be created. These can be put in boxes and decorative envelopes to add a unique touch to an iconic bouquet. 

6. Matricaria

Summer is the perfect time for giving your loved ones a handful of delicate and sincere daisies or matricarias. A mono-bouquet of these flowers, when modestly wrapped in craft paper, looks like a warm June cloud, while its aroma embraces relaxation and a romantic mood. In summer, such field daisies are best accompanied by large flowers in complex floral arrangements.

7. Sunflowers

The sunflower probably is the most piquant and cheerful flower in the entire summer selection. It can be large or miniature, combined with classic wildflowers or delicate peach roses, adopting the appearance of a rustic bouquet or a modern composition. The traditional round shape of the sunflower makes it a perfect companion for anemones, daisies, dahlias, and other summer flower sorts.

8. Delphinium

These spectacular bell-shaped blossoms placed on elongated stems are indispensable for creating tall summer bouquets. There is nothing better than Delphiniums when creating the ultimate floral representation of the hottest time of the year. To arrange a truly stunning composition, we recommend choosing relatively cool shades like pale blue, lilac, and turquoise. They would be an unmatched choice, especially if supplemented by eustomas or peonies.


What is the most popular summer flower?

The ultimate seasonal leader is the peony – they are beloved for their natural pastel colours and delicate appearance. Other equally well-recognised summer flowers are matricarias, lisianthus, anemones, poppies, and hydrangeas. The most exquisite flowers for summer bouquets are dahlias, marigolds, and zinnias.

Which summer flowers last the longest?

Generally, all flowers from the aster and lily families, such as irises, are very resilient. Ranunculus and anemones will remain fresh for a long time after being cut. Alternatively, durable matricaria, lavender, and gypsophila can easily dry and be used as dried florals for up to a year.

What is the easiest summer flower to grow?

Your gardening success largely depends on whether a particular sort prefers the soil composition and shade of your garden. For newbie gardeners, the Siberian iris, portulaca, and sunflowers are considered the most easy-going choices.

Which flowers bloom the longest?

Bougainvillaeas and azaleas bloom almost all summer, but they require enough sunlight to form strong and healthy buds.

What is the fastest blooming flower?

If you need quickly blossoming specimens, consider wildflowers – some varieties bloom fairly soon after germination. Typically, at least 2 weeks must pass before you notice the first buds, and then approximately 2-3 more weeks are required for the flowers to enter full bloom.