A Complete List of Baby Girl Earrings to Get For Your Babies

There are many types of earrings available in the market, but not all of them suit a baby girl. There are few types of materials that are the best for a baby girl’s earrings.

These include gold, sterling silver, surgical stainless steel. Surgical stainless steel is an excellent metal for earrings as it has significantly fewer chances of causing any allergic reaction. At the same time, nickel and cobalt metals have very high chances of causing allergic reactions in newly pair ear piercings.

Gold (yellow or white) is the best for initial piercings if it is 14k or higher. Gold higher than 18k is very soft for making body jewelry as it can easily be scratched or nicked.

For a newborn baby girl, an earring approximately around 1/8″ or 3/6″ is suitable for their pedal-sized earlobes. Usually, parents should wait until their baby girl is at least 3 months old; medical experts recommend skipping the newborn face for ear piercing.

With that note, here is a complete list of baby girl earrings that one can get for their children. 

Stainless steel hypoallergenic earrings:

These types of baby earrings are non-allergenic to the ears of toddlers. They come in many children’s save sizes so that the earrings are not heavy for the child’s earlobe. They have the delicate craft of plating and stainless steel with 100 % nickel-free and lead–free substance in many reputable stores.

Sterling silver earrings:

People can find sterling silver earrings in many shapes and sizes for babies, as they are specially made for toddlers. You can find them in animal shapes like a bear, panda, giraffe, etc.; they can be a perfect gift for your baby girl as they are not heavy and do not hurt the newly pierced earlobes.

Small designer Silver earrings:

If you have a budget, then these material earrings would be perfect for the baby girl. Baby earringsare preferred small and simple with some cute designs like flower, rainbow, unicorns, etc.; silver earrings in small sizes will look very cute on a baby girl.

Skewback earrings for baby girl:

Skewback earrings are suitable for kids and baby girls, as they tend to scratch their earlobes after they are newly pierced. Therefore, they might lead to a fallen earring.

In these cases, skewback earrings are suitable as earrings for babies as they make sure that the baby girl does not lose any of the earrings by any chance.

Gold polished earrings:

These are very common baby girl earrings as they are necessary, cute, and do not affect the baby’s earlobe. They are charming and do not make the baby comfortable.

Signing Off

Earrings are extraordinary gifts for every baby girl. They make them good cute, and the ear piercings help the girl in her later years. There are many types of child earrings in the market, but not all are harmless. Therefore, buying your little girl a present makes sure that what you pick is guaranteed to be made of harmless material, so your child does not have an infection on her ears.