Activities to Pass the Time on a Long Flight

Travelling is something that many people enjoy and it can be a personal ambition to see far corners of the world. However, this goal can be somewhat tempered by the long flight times that often accompany such destinations, which is a hurdle that can incite boredom at best and sometimes extensive travel sickness at worst, for those who suffer from it.

So, it makes sense that you would be interested in methods that can help you to overcome this problem. While the flight might be unavoidable for certain destinations, having a reliable way to pass the time can help you to actively enjoy the time that you spend in the sky, potentially even letting you forget you’re trying to pass the time at all, if done right.

Mobile Gaming

You might first think of all the ways in which you can use your smartphone to stave off this boredom, and while you might easily think of listening to music as a possible option, it could also be something that loses its novelty before too long for some people. Therefore, it’s worth turning your attention to mobile games that might be more successful at holding your attention, with your pick of anything that takes your interest on the app store, or online casinos, such as

Reliable Sleep

The prospect of sleeping on a flight might be something that you feel appeals to you, but can be more difficult than it should be due to how you’re sitting, and the neck pain that can often accompany sleeping in poor positions. If this is something that you struggle with, it’s worth researching a travel pillow that can allow you to sleep comfortably, as it could be a game changer for how you see these flights, especially if the duration in the air is long enough where you’d want to sleep naturally.

Movies and TV

Going back to the idea of how you can use your phone to help this time fly, though, you might be more interested in downloading movies or TV episodes through the streaming services that you use. This can be a natural fit, and the long-form nature of much of this content can allow you to think of how you’re going to go about the whole duration of the flight in relation to blocks of time, which can help it to feel less than it might do otherwise.

Approaches to Travel Sickness

If you do struggle with travel sickness, none of these suggestions (outside that of sleep) might fill you with much confidence. In that case, doing some research into potential methods of curbing how ill you feel might be the best course of action, potentially leading you to remedies, such as ginger snacks, sweets, or teas to stave off nausea. Sitting near the window, or towards the front of the plane, might also be something that you make a priority if you’re able to, though finding the method that works best for you might require trialling several different methods.