All You Need to Know Before Visiting River Safari Singapore

For those who have been to Singapore or read much about the state, you probably know that the island has one wonder after another. All tours to various tourist attractions are highly organized and operated. This leaves every visitor happy and looking forward to visiting again.

One of the best tours you can do in Singapore is the river safari to experience the thrilling aquatic life of numerous species including those that are threatened. Before doing this tour, there are some important things to know, and we have them all here.

It Has River Zones

The most incredible part about this theme park is that they have different river zones for visitors to enjoy. Mississippi, Congo, Nile, and the Mekong river zones are some of the mind-blowing attractions you will get to enjoy. Each of these zones gives you the feeling of the real rivers as they appear in their original positions, including the aquatic life and other animal species. Thus, you should be prepared with your camera to capture these memorable moments.

The Forests Are Mind-Blowing

It does not matter which forest you choose, you will definitely enjoy the tour. Starting with the giant Panda forest is always a good idea as it will excite you in all manners. It is a short experience, but there are many other forests like the Amazon flooded forests and squirrel monkey forest just to mention a couple. So, as you plan with your agent from the One Visa company, it is important to plan for the forest attractions at the River Safari Singapore.

They Have River Safari Cruises

When you are tired of visiting different sections of this 12-hour attraction, you can hop into a boat and start the cruise tour. It is mostly done at the Seletar reservoir, which is on the upper side of the attraction. The boats move slowly to allow visitors to enjoy the spectacular views and capture some scenes through their cameras. Most people prefer to finish their tour with the River Safari Cruise, but you can take it at any time of the day.

How to Get Tickets

Different tour agents usually sell tickets under interesting packages. After that, it is up to them to pay for you at the park. For instance, you could get a ticket with two boat rides and the entrance fee, or get one with a hotel room that will allow you to be picked up from the hotel to the River Safari Singapore and then back to your hotel.

These tickets are available online, and it is up to you to choose a reliable platform. The best option is to ask the travel agent to recommend you the best sellers if they do not have these packages included.


River Safari Singapore is one place you that do not want to miss when you visit the island state. It is even better when you are with the family since your kids will enjoy the aquariums even more. Now that you know a few things about the place, it is high time to make plans for when to do your tour.