Altern 8 Remix and Release Hit Single For NHS Charity

Midland’s most iconic label Network Records has long been hailed as a launchpad for many now legendary songs and artists from both Techno and House scenes. Thankfully for us, label head and knowledge base Neil Rushton continues to forge forward with innovative ideas and keeping Birmingham on the international musical map. And now recently announcing a unique campaign to support the medical industry who are hard at work to maintain our health and restoration of health at present.

Iconic masked dance music stars Altern 8 return to the music industry with a driving aim to raise thousands of crucialfunds for NHS staff who are helping patients nationwide fight Covid-19 through a newly completed charity “Isol-8’ version of their biggest chart busting anthem.

The 1991 hit Activ-8”  – which made number 3 in the charts at the height of the Acid House rise, has been remixed with a timely message urging everyone to stay safe at home to protect against coronavirus.

Altern 8’s Mark Archer was stunned when iconic images from the band’s hit album “Full On Mask Hysteria” started appearing on social media sites around the World.

Everyone suddenly started wearing masks because of Covid-19 and loads of people connected it with us having masks as part of our image. I thought let’s try and do something good out of this, and the ‘Top One, Nice One, Get Sorted” hook on the track has been replaced by ‘Top One, Nice One, self Isol-8’. The  message is be careful out there and let’s raise money for a good cause – said Mark.

Taking a brief step back the history of the band was always entwined with innovative ideas and concepts. Altern-8 was formed in the UK early 1990, as a side project to the already successful Nexus 21, which was a name chosen to represent a futuristic house sound. Both members at the time were only aged 21 and created a massive influence on Electronic music culture that has defined generations. From the beginning, the acts objective was to develop a style which was respective of musical elements taken from early Detroit techno artists including Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, as well as the Chicago house music icons such as Phuture and the pioneering Kraftwerk. They also displayed credits in their first album to Manchester-based British acid house group 808 State, thanking them for starting the UK rave scene.

Altern-8 tracks have been cited as influencing many pivotal artists, from their mixture of obscure sounds generated by the Roland family TB3030, 808 and 909 with beats and familiar samples. At the time in the UK, outdoor rave events were legal, and Altern-8 had a mass reputation for turning up to play at major unofficial events. They helped to define harder edged tracks relying upon bass and volume. Forcing more bass and eclectic noises and soundscapes evolved Altern-8’s music away from the earlier house style. The duo, dressed in chemical warfare suits and dancing “like electrofied monkeys”, took part in a large number of live performances and became a predominant feature of their identity that still remains today.

All monies the release gener8s will go to the Meals For The NHS Fund. The group, record label Network and distributor Above Board will also pass all earnings on to the charity.

The remix has been rush released for streaming services from Friday 17th and available on digital download platforms from Friday April 24th. Recently garnering support and rotation from BBC Radio 1 and global DJ’s and media.

Activ 8 (Come With Me) – NHS Isol 8 Remix



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