Alternative Ways to Travel the World and Visit New Countries

Everyone is looking for a new way to travel. The modern dream is to never see your house again. See lots of houses, with lots of people, see exotic new places and soak up all the culture that comes with it. And there are lots of ways you can go about it. The typical package holiday isn’t the only option. If you’re looking for ways you can see the world, look at these alternatives.


It’s not uncommon to do some volunteer farming in exchange for a warm bed on the road. Farmers are overworked and underpaid, so are likely to be happy to have a little helper if you are having trouble finding somewhere to stay on the road.

But farming is hands-on work. Make sure your covered if you find yourself gaining an injury from a stampeding sheep with insurance from Staysure. All your medical expenses will be covered, should you find yourself in a foreign hospital, plus your baggage, passport and wallet covered, should they disappear.


The most common way of living abroad and getting paid for it is to teach your language to others. There are in fact a lot of programs that will set you up as a teacher, where your only demand is to speak in English, so it doesn’t even really matter if your language isn’t the best – in theory. It might be beneficial to take an English level test to assess your proficiency in the language.

House sit

Along the same lines as hopping from farm to farm, you can always hop from empty house to empty house. Those with money have a hell of a life, where they would like someone living in their empty apartment, villa, seaside home while they’re living day to day, to keep things in order. Or they’re going away themselves and their home and pets need looked after and doors locked every night. That sounds like the perfect job for someone who wants to be anywhere but here.

Au Pair

And then there are people who are looking for a live-in nanny. If you’re good with kids, you can sign up for an au pair scheme and get paired up with someone looking for someone to keep track of them while they’re at work. Help out with the housework, get to know some little munchkins, and get embroiled in a new culture in the process.

Crew a yacht or cruise

And then there is the more glamourous option: joining a crew. A crew on a yacht or cruise can get you work in a variety of ways. Sometimes you can help out with the sailing aspect, or you’re simply handing out drinks. Either way, your days off are spent landing on various countries’ coast or lounging on the deck in a bikini.


If you love water, you might want to look into taking a diving course. Get good enough and you can start teaching other people how to dive and where the best spots are. You can create your own underwater tours while you live on the edge of the coral reef.

Work the strip

The easiest way to get a lifelong holiday is to head to the party spots. Become a club girl and you can earn a living sending people into your club, work the bar and you’re already inside, get a waiting job and you can spend your days on the beach after a long shift.

Digital nomad

And then there is the digital nomad option. Businesses are all online now. Simply pack your laptop, make sure you’ve got reliable Wi-Fi and take your Zoom meetings on the beach.

You know how people come back from holiday saying they wish it would last forever? That can happen!