Apocalypse Cow reopen after lockdown as ‘Locked and Loaded’ in move to incorporate more plant-based options

The street food vendors are pleased to announce that they will be reopening at Birdies Birmingham and Liverpool on 12th April, when we also relaunch under our new name ‘Locked & Loaded’.

Food habits all over the world are changing. There is becoming more and more emphasis on plant based, and healthier food options, not only because they are better for our bodies, but also because they are better for the planet.

For us, this is not about turning our backs on our old menu, it’s about adding choice. You can still enjoy our loaded fries and delicious burgers, but if you would prefer a healthier, or plant based option but still with heaps of flavour, we’ve got you!

Thank you all for your support and here’s to many more eats together as ‘Locked & Loaded’.

Andy Henry, Co-Founder.

You can find Locked & Loaded located in Birdies and Ghetto Golf in both Digbeth, Birmingham and in Cains Brewery Village in Liverpool.