Appropriate Female Dress Code For Various Situations In Dubai

For any woman looking forward to a Dubai trip, it is very important to understand the appropriate dress code. Modesty is very important to avoid unwanted attention everywhere. Although not restrictive regarding dress code as other emirates, Dubai is a Muslim state and modesty is paramount. The acceptable dress for ladies very important and various according to the situation.

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Dubai is a favorite travel destination and has dress standards that should be emphasized. This will save you from attracting continuous stares from people who think your dressing is inappropriate. Some locations like mosques, restaurants, and malls have a dress code posted at the entrance. This might require covering the shoulders with bottoms below the knee. Beachwear or club wear should be avoided for regular wear to avoid unwelcome stares.

What women should wear for various situations in Dubai?

To a night club

Dubai has various world-class clubs for anyone looking forward to enjoying nightlife here. However, it is very important to understand the appropriate dress code. This is stricter for men than for women. Ladies might wear anything they want while men can’t turn up in shorts, jeans, vests, and flip-flops. You can wear whatever catches your fancy as long as you are mindful about moving from your accommodation to the club.

When thinking that your dress might be too short or too revealing, carry a light duster coat for covering up. You won’t find any problem getting access to the best Arabic night club in Dubai regardless of your dress code. The problem is reaching there to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself along the way. A super light duster coat is a great accessory to match the hot weather for covering up a bit. This is very important considering the location of the club to ensure that you won’t get wrong attention.

Going out for a brunch

Always have a nice outfit and appropriate dress shoes before a Dubai trip. You might never know when you might have to go to a fancy dinner. It is best to end up in a nice dining place dressed appropriately. Since smart travel requires packing as light as possible, there is no need to carry multiple pairs of shoes. The trick is to carry dress shoes that match with multiple outfits.

On a desert safari

One of the major attractions in Dubai is going on a desert safari . So, it is very important to understand the best way to dress for this stargazing activity. You should consider this as a romantic getaway with your partner. Keep in mind that temperatures in the desert can drop to about below negative zero. Therefore, ensure to pack a cardigan or light sweater for those chilly nights.

A desert can get windy making it inappropriate to dress in shorter clothing. The trick is to park an embellished Kaftan for those Instagram moments. Additionally, you should carry a pair of leggings for pairing with your dress or skirt. You can as well dress in jeans to be safe for those cold evenings. This will ensure that your skin is safe from the harsh desert sand.

Visiting traditional buildings

Although not for everyday use, always walk with a scarf. Keep in mind that local attractions including mosques and traditional buildings don’t let in visitors without headgear. With your scarf in tow, you will always be prepared just in case you decide to visit those attractions. The best thing about moving with a scarf is the protection it offers from the scorching sun.

To the beach

Dubai has various public beaches and those restricted to only hotel guests. Beachwear differs according to the beach you are heading to. Going to a public beach requires carrying a light Kaftan for covering up. You are likely to find locals with their families so you have to be modest enough regardless of the blazing sun.

When going to a private beach attached to the hotel, you can wear a bikini or other swimwear. However, you have to cover up when having to go through the lobby to the beach. You have to be mindful of other hotel guests by covering up with a robe or other appropriate cover until you reach the beach.

Keep this in mind

It is important to understand the appropriate wear while on a trip to Dubai . To respect the local culture, carry some tops with sleeves to maintain modesty and to be safe from the sun. Opt for clothes covering the neckline, shoulders, and knees. When planning to wear off-shoulder tops, a scarf is handy when entering the mall or other locations with a strict dress code. You will be able to cover your shoulder and any exposed chest area.

Bottom line

Dubai is filled with various attractions and activities for any travel enthusiast. However, making the most of your experience here requires knowing the right way to dress when going to various locations.