Are wall stickers suitable for an office environment?

Merging flexibility and quality, wall stickers are increasingly common in businesses throughout the UK and further afield. Easy to customise, apply, and remove – they have proven to be a useful value-add for many companies. But when it comes to applying one to your space, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

So, where is it worth using wall stickers and what are some of the benefits?

What are wall stickers?

Fashioned from hard-wearing vinyl, wall stickers are pre-cut and shaped to be easy to apply onto any wall. Professional stickers are made from high-grade materials and can be used for a number of different purposes, letting you quickly apply an item to a space in seconds.

When many individuals think about vinyl stickers, their first thoughts are of guerrilla marketing or ‘edgy brands’ due to the ease with which a decal or sticker can be applied to a space. Modern technology has revolutionised the printing process to offer a high-degree of customisation that allows them to be used in a range of environments – including offices and professional spaces.

These range from being used as directions and instructions, customising conference rooms, applying professional branding to receptions and more. The thoughtful application of a professional sticker allows you to revolutionise a space in seconds and provide lasting benefits to a location with minimal outlay.

Wall stickers are handled identical to their smaller brothers and sisters. This only requires you to clean the surface they are being applied to before carefully removing the backing. Once applied, they are highly resistant to wear and damage and fading. When rebranding is required, they can be easily removed and – in many cases – reapplied if necessary.

Who uses them?

Vinyl stickers are used by a wide range of clients from financial professionals, creative startups, media collectives and more. These can be used to quickly cement internal branding and are fully customisable to match unique specifications.

Modern printing technology allows vinyl stickers to be fully customised to match branding needs. This can allow for smaller batch print runs as promotional pieces, or bespoke decals for working spaces. This enables any company to detail their space quickly and professionally without having to resort to expensive painting, decorating and redesign work.

What opportunities can they create?

Choosing to thoughtfully deploy your decals and stickers can potentially open your space up to a number of opportunities. These include several ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ advantages such as-

Business Promotion: Stickers and decals allow you to put your best foot forward and cement your brand for clients and internal staff. These can be used in-office or as part of a promotional drive, allowing individuals to use your stickers in their own property, devices, or as part of outreach and engagement. This will enable you to get the word out to your customers, potential clients, and organically raise your profile.

Creating promotional opportunities: Given their high degree of flexibility, stickers can be used in conjunction with your branding as a promotional incentive. These can follow a range of eye-catching designs that match with your socials, sing about elements of your business, and more. This can be combined with QR codes, hashtags, and other elements to create an efficient pipeline that feeds individuals back to your business after they encounter your materials ‘in the wild’.

Working Benefits: Applying stickers and decals to your office space can help embed your brand and business identity from the ground up. This can bring a playful spirit to staff-rooms, meeting spaces, or allow departments and teams to develop their own identity. And if it needs to be reviewed or change, they can be peeled off with ease and replaced when required.

What are the benefits?

Depending on how you choose to deploy your stickers in your space, you can draw down a number of value-adds. This can help motivate teams by working in a brighter, more enjoyable space – allowing you to make even the most prosaic office sing. Adding decals and stickers to your space can bring a playful element that unites disparate teams and embeds best practice.

This can also help embody your business’ core values and what you place importance on, enabling you to embed your brand without being preachy. It also shows a commitment to progress and positive change – letting you put your best foot forward when hosting clients, holding interviews with desirable employees, and impressing key stakeholders with a commitment to quality.

How to choose the right wall stickers?

When it comes to applying stickers or office wall graphics to your work environment, it is essential to consider the dimensions of your space and ask yourself a few leading questions…

Am I happy with my existing brand? Any printing or branding exercise is a chance to explore your existing design and determine where it can be tweaked or improved. This can be as simple as refining slogans and hashtags, refining colour schemes, all the way to a comprehensive redesign.

What goals am I trying to accomplish? Any internal or constructed branding should be applied for a specific purpose. This can be as simple as publicising your brand and directing clients to different locations in your business. Or it can be part of a sustained marketing and rebranding drive, allowing you to reposition your professional identity without breaking the bank.

Is there an opportunity I am missing?  Finding a reliable provider can let you use their professional experience to confirm if there is something you are missing. This can be as simple as walking through your options, avoiding key pitfalls, and ensuring that you have everything you need prepared to deploy your stickers with confidence and effectiveness.

In summary, wall stickers are a great solution for brightening a dull space, demonstrating investment in your company’s branding and appearance, and expressing the core values of your business. They create a unique way to promote your business to your customers.