Art Colleges in UK You Can Apply in 2022

When it comes to art, some people think it is more for leisure than for successful careers or economic benefits. Well, an Arts Council England commissioned report proved them wrong. The report argues that while the arts get less than 0.1% of public spending, they deliver four times that in gross domestic product.

Art includes a wide range of study fields. With a degree in art, you can gain access to a multitude of employment opportunities. The UK has some of the world’s best art colleges, so you’re about to choose one that ranks among the very best.

I hope this adds to your motivation to find a top-notch art college in the UK to embark on an eventful and inspiring journey. Based on a careful review of UK colleges, here’s what I have to offer.

The Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art has consistently featured in the list of top art schools worldwide. It has earned a great reputation owing to a range of art subjects, leading tutors, and the quality of modules. Courses include Fine Art Photography, Fashion Design, Sculptural and Environmental Art, and many others.

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University College London

The University’s Slade School of Art is a perfect choice for students who seek art degrees in painting, sculpture, and fine art media. The latter covers film and photography too. Your personal tutor will guide you throughout your college years.

The school is conveniently located in the center of London, giving access to the city’s multiple galleries, theaters, and art museums. It never hurts to see the world’s best masterpieces when studying art.

Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art includes the School of Architecture, School of Arts and Humanities, School of Communication, and School of design. This London-based public university offers master’s, doctoral, and graduate diploma programs in art, design, architecture, and communication.

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Winchester School of Art

Winchester School of Art is another one of the UK’s leading art and design colleges. It is part of the famous University of Southampton, attracting lots of international students. The school’s vibrant program has been the primary reason many students gravitate to Southampton.

What’s more, the school offers high-speed Wi-Fi, a free gym, and 24-hour secure automatic doors. The school buildings are spacious, and the facilities are brand new. Wherever you go, everything looks fresh and stylish. Students also enjoy a bustling social life and regular events.

Edinburgh College of Art

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) is a leading international art college located in the historic Old Town of Edinburgh. The college is renowned for its five schools: School of Art, Reid School of Music, School of Design, School of History of Art, and Edinburgh School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture. ECA is conveniently located in Edinburgh’s Old Town.

ECA is also known for its flexible, student-oriented, and diverse environment. It helps students take care of their studies and fitness levels. Students are also able to maintain a healthy study-life balance at ECA.

Final Brushstrokes

The UK is home to the world’s leading art colleges. What’s more, students also gain access to some of the world’s best art museums and galleries too. You cannot make a mistake by choosing any of the five recommended here.


Eric Wyatt is an acclaimed professional writer and blogger. He has years of experience in reviewing the pros and cons of art college programs in the UK and beyond. Eric’s recommendations have already benefited many students who were considering career paths in art and design.